How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs | Easy!

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hey everyone today we're going to be showing  you how to add page numbers in google docs maybe  

you're working on a document and you need it in  the header or the footer at the top or the bottom  

it's really easy to do we'll show you exactly how  to do that today in google docs but hey if you  

are new here my name is Ken and this is Northern  Viking Everyday and we bring you videos on reviews  

and how to's so please consider subscribing  it would really help me out let's go ahead and  

jump right over to my computer here get right  into it now i've gone ahead and created this  

document here in google docs it's four pages  it has a title page with a cute little puppy  

it has three more pages of random text that we're  going to add page numbers to so first off we're  

going to show you how to add the page numbers then  we're going to show you how to add formatting move  

them into the middle and change the size and what  it says kind of the wording to the page number so  

that's all really easy to do so the first thing  we need to do is go ahead and click on format  

here in the top left hand corner go ahead and left  click on that you're going to see an option that  

comes up that says page numbers you can go ahead  and left click on that and that's going to bring  

up this page numbers window where you can start  making some of the changes to how you want this  

set up so the first thing it says is position do  you want your page numbers in the header so at the  

top or in the footer down at the bottom bottom so  we're going to go ahead and select footer i'd like  

mine on the bottom and you can choose whatever you  like there the next thing is show on first page so  

as you remember the document i've created has a  title page maybe we don't want a number to show  

up on that page so if you would like a number to  show up there you can turn that on if you'd like  

it to be turned off you can just go ahead and  select that and now there won't be a number  

on my title page the next thing here is numbering  and you can see it says start at one so currently