Checking Blood Sugar (Glucose) Level | How to Use a Glucometer (Glucose Meter)

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hey everyone it's sarah with registered

nurse or en comm and in this video we're

going to go over how to check your blood

sugar as a nursing student you're going

to have to learn the skill of how to

check a blood glucose using a glucometer

as a nurse working in the hospital

setting you will be checking your

patients glucoses especially your

diabetic patients now if you're watching

this video because you've been newly

diagnosed as a diabetic or you've been

experiencing bouts of hypoglycemia

meaning your blood sugar drops and you

bought a glucometer just to monitor your

blood sugar this video will help you how

to do that because I'm actually going to

show you myself of taking a blood sugar

how to do it and I'm going to go over

all the supplies with you now check out

my other videos on how to do a quality