How to Insert Equations Numbers in Word 2016

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hey folks in this brief video I want to

walk you through how to insert equation

numbers into a word document this is

worth 2016 I'm going to use a technique

that I call the table method it's a

technique that I've been using for some

time but I'm recording just so I don't

forget how to do this what I do to

insert equation numbers is I go and into

a document where I want to insert an

equation that I want to have labeled

with an equation number I'm going to

insert a table and I choose a table with

three columns in one row I adjust the

first and the last columns to be about a

half-inch actually want them to be the

same size so that the equation is

centered and in the final column I'm

going to insert my de limiters that I'll

use to surround my equation number and

then I go under insert to the quick

parts option in the insert ribbon and

I'm going to choose a field and I'm

going to go down to the sequence field

give it an identifier which I'll use EQ

for equation and hit OK and now it's

inserted a number in there what I will

then do is go to the middle cell and

that's why I'm gonna insert my equation

so I would go under insert and click

equation and then I can begin typing the

equation there I do want to make sure

that my cells are centered so what I

typically will do is highlight the cell

and click layout and then choose to have

both my vertical and horizontal

centering turned on for each of the

cells but I could insert the equation

right here I also will want to have the

borders turned off so on the home ribbon

tab if you go and select on your border

options to have no border it turns off

those border options there now

so that you don't have to do this every

single time what I typically will do is

create a quick text or a quick parts

option by going and highlighting the

text that I just created with no

equation in there right now but I go

under insert to the quick parts and I'm

going to create an auto text by saving

that selection to the auto text gallery

give it a name let's call it insert

equation click OK and now when I'm

elsewhere in that same document I can go

in to this quick parts and use the auto

text for insert the equation it will

we stick the new equation in there and

also renumber them so you also have the

added benefit that you can go in maybe

even earlier in the document and do the

same thing

insert quick parts auto text insert

equation now what you will notice is

that my numbers don't automatically

update every time I insert even though

after I put one in sequentially it added

the next number but putting one in

before it didn't but I can have it

update the field and all I've got to do

to do that is to select all so I hit

ctrl a and then right-click anywhere

where there's highlighted text and

choose update field and now all of those

fields will be updated in an earlier

version of the video I was asked how I

might insert chapter numbers into this

document in front of my equation numbers

and that can be done as long as you're

using chapters in your document so for

example in this document I'm not using

chapter numbers but I could change all

my headings this is a heading 1 style by

going under the Home tab I can change

those to be a paragraph multi-level so

say I want to use this one and one point

one one point one point one for chapter

and section so now I actually have a

chapter assigned to that particular

section in my paper in any place that I

wanted to add a chapter heading or a

section heading in front of this I could

go and insert and I can go under the

field and include the chapter field

actually that's not where I want to

sorry go under cross-reference and

choose heading and insert reference to

heading number and if I had insert now

it put the heading number in there if I

close I can put a point between the two

and now that particular heading number

is also going to be included there so

that if I were to say change that to a

different number say I change list level

to one point one notice how if I select

all and update my field it now includes

a full section there the other thing

that you can do which I find

useful here's you can bookmark the

equation so say for example I had a

particular equation in here that I

wanted to include let's choose a like I

can actually pick one the binomial

expansion okay if I want to refer to

this later on I can insert a bookmark to

this by going under insert choose

bookmark I'm going to give it a name I'm

going to call it by Nome equation and I

now click Add and if I wanted to then

refer to that somewhere else in the

document so I want to consider the left

hand side of an equation and I want to

refer to that equation I would insert

the delimiter x' and then go to insert

cross reference and now under here i

select reference type bookmark and

there's my binomial equation and hit

insert and if i were to you know add

equations before and after whenever i

update the field it will automatically

update this number as well alright so

that's how we can do equation numbers in

Microsoft Word and it works in 2010-2013

and even 2016