Modifying Footnotes in Microsoft Word 2013

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hi everyone this is a short bonus video

for the week if you are taking

certification exam this is just a video

on how to modify aspects of your

endnotes and again it's not necessarily

required for this class but if you did

decide you wanted to take the exam you

might want to have this to know so I've

got just this little footnote here and

I'm going to select it I'm in the review

ribbon in the footnotes it's called the

family and I'm going to hit this arrow

button here to open up this dialog box

so there are a couple of things we can

do here first is location we can say now

the bottom of the page is sort of more

standard but you could also change it so

there below the text and then you just

hit apply if you wanted to or you

actually could convert your footnotes to

endnotes for those of you who are

unaware footnotes again go at the bottom

of the page at the bottom of the text

and notes go at the end of a document or

at the end of a chapter or section you

know depending so you can you hit this

button you could convert all of your

footnotes to your endnotes and you know

if I had actually endnotes in this you

know vice versa so I'm just going to hit

OK that's going to convert them and just

go ahead apply and so those have been

converted and I'm actually going to undo

that to make sure we're going to we're

going to undo that conversion because I

really didn't want to do that but I just

wanted you to see that it could be done

so I'm going to go back into the

launcher so you can you can adjust the

location you can adjust whether they're

footnotes or endnotes pretty easily and

that helps say if you're um especially

if you were writing something maybe a

little more academically and you're say

sending it out places and different you

know like different journals and

publications have different style guides

so someone footnotes to someone endnotes

so it would be easy for you to you know

switch them you can also do their layout

um mine the one column is pretty much

the default for Claire

here it says match section layout

because that's just the parameters

default parameters in section you could

have up to four columns of footnotes I

personally use recommends to sticking

with one column you know that's that's

um you know it's easy and elegant and

simple you can also change the format so

this is um right now the default is in

Arabic numerals you could also do

lowercase letters uppercase letters

Roman numerals and lower or upper case

other symbols I'm going to change this

to I'm going to change this to look at

the letters just for the sake of that

and see now that that's changed it so so

you can do that you can also you can you

could do a custom mark but really these

are all you know numerals of some kind

or a lot more straightforward you can

also change the starting position so I'm

actually going to go back to numbers and

they'll say I want to you can so you

don't have to start at the same number

every time so say you do a so you just

want to start at number three you can do

that and it just changed it to number

three you can also change so the this is

set with continuous numbering I could

have it restart on each page so you know

every page with you know if there were

if they were going to be like five or

ten footnotes on each page I could

restart at each page in the first note

on each page would be number one

you could also restart at each section

so that's like if you're doing you know

different you know if you want to

restart the footnote numbering at every

chapter you can do that the one thing to

keep in mind is you will need to insert

actually insert section breaks section

breaks um it's not going to show up for

me right now because I have this

highlighted but you will need to

actually insert

and breaks between your sections so word

will actually understand to do that you

do you need to tell it what to do and

you can then you can actually um apply

changes just to you know notes you've

made or to the whole document or to

certain sections so that's just a quick

little way to show you how to modify

your footnotes a little more if you need


alright have a good day