Word 2016 - How To Add Footnotes - Insert Footnote Tutorial in Microsoft Office 365 - Make Foot Note

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hi and welcome today I'm going to go

over Microsoft Word 2016 and how to

insert a footnote into a research paper

using an MLA format so here we go here's

the word document and down here I could

already see that I have on page two I

already have a footnote listed right

here so I'm going to show you how to

insert a new footnote into a research

paper so first thing that you do is you

go to the end of the paragraph or

whatever that section is that you want

to have the footnote and so I'm going to

click right there and then I go to the

references tab now inside the references

tab you'll see the footnotes group you

could go right here to insert footnote

and this will add a note at the bottom

of the page providing more information

about something in your document so I go

right here and I'm going to insert a

footnote and suit as soon as I click

that you'll see a little two will appear

right there and then my blinking cursor

will appear right down here now I'm

going to type in the text for my

footnote I could type it right alright

so as I type this in you'll see that the

footnote is already in a specific style

and so I actually want to go over how to

change the style of your footnote to MLA

formats that it'll automatically appear

that way each time that you use the

footnote so instead of having to come in

here and edit these every single time

we're just going to modify the style

itself so I'm going to right click

anywhere in the footnote area and I'm

going to go right up here to style

so if I click style right here you'll

notice that a style dialog box pops up

and it says style for footnote text

right here and so what I can do right

now is actually modify this this style

so that although my footnotes appear

with the same the same modifications so

I click right here on modify and so for

this footnote text I want the font size

to be size 11 and I also want there to

be a first indent of 1/2 inch and then

spacing to be double and then I'm going

to apply the style so first thing that I

do is I'm going to go right here where

it says 10

I'm going to change that footnote size

to 11 now it might be unclear on how to

actually change the indent and the

spacing from right here but you have to

go down here to the bottom left where it

says format and click format and go to

paragraph and that will bring up that

paragraph dialog box and now here inside

the paragraph dialog box I could change

the indentation to first line indent of

a half-inch and then I could change the

spacing right here to double okay now

I'm going to change both of those right

there so that it's in MLA format and I

click OK and then I see here I see my

size 11 and I see the double spacing as

well as the half-inch

indentation on the sample and then I

click OK I'm going to go right here and

click apply and now you see that the

style for the footnotes has now been

changed and anytime that we put a new

split no into the document it'll also

have that updated change with it so

again I hope that helps you understand

how to put in footnotes into Word 2016

as well as how to actually modify the

style itself when you go to input more

footnotes that way you're not really

doing it over and over and over again so

hopefully you found this video useful if

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other than that I'm going to be creating

more Microsoft Word and other Office

tutorials so stay tuned and comment if

you have a video request thank you so