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they're gonna be going over the topic of

numbness and tingling loss of sensation

in the fingers which is a very common

thing I can't tell how many views I've

had over the ulnar nerve stretches and

the different types of stretches on the

nerves to basically tell you that

there's there's a lot of these problems

going on out there and I'll tell you one

thing that I always see with the people

that come in to see me is yours it to

ask them which fingers are involved in a

lot of times they don't really know and

they don't pay attention this video

today is more to actually show you the

reasons why it's important to pay

attention to which fingers are being


there's actually three major nerves or

three major nerves that are encompassed

or that are made up of spinal nerve

roots that go out into the hand there

today we're gonna be addressing the

ulnar median and radial nerve there's

obviously derma tones that related to

nerve roots that go out into the hand as

well we're not gonna be addressing those

today let's just cover the major three

nerves of the hand then we're looking at

the hand is important to realize that

there are these lines here I didn't draw

them that deep that hard on myself or

that dark and then I don't can thing

come off but I want to show you guys

what the distribution patterns are of

these three major names of the arm again

we're not talking about my dermatomes

we're not talking about thoracic outlet

syndrome and all that type of stuff I'm

just consider these and this is more

regards to the owner radial and median

nerve so let's first look at the ulnar

nerve here which is only gonna be this

side of the hand going out to half this

finger all of this one and you're gonna

see on the backside here when I put my

hand over there's this line right here

which I get in draughty dark half of

this finger all of this one so ulnar

nerve would be more of this type of

stuff down here okay

usually pinky finger people talk about

now once we're looking at this side here

the rest of the hand majority of it is

inter by innervated by the radial nerve

which is going to be more along here you

see these divisions on my fingers right

here so it does not get the tips of

these fingers and then does not get the

tip of this one either

so if you're having tingling on the tips

of your fingers maybe this wouldn't be a

radial nerve problem and if they're over

on this finger or not this one or half

of this one maybe you wouldn't be all in

their problem so maybe you're looking

more of a median nerve

same goes for me a nerve so we're

looking at here here here half of this

and basically this whole side here

let's get me back in focus here so again

you see the understanding which fingers

are involved is very important

especially if you're gonna even attempt

to stretch some of the nerves but I

definitely recommend you go out and see

somebody who can release the nerves

peripherally which would be outside of

the spine or even inside or around the

spine as well but it is going to be

important to tell them which nerves or

which fingers you feel before they know

the exact reasons to look at now it

depends on what the providers skill

level is but I've seen people completely

negate resolution from these problems

within about 4 to 6 sessions sometimes

on the slower end sometimes it takes 10

to 12 15 sessions but a lot of times

people do respond favorably if you find

the right area especially the beginning

find a person around you and ask them

what their successful is with working on

these types of things

don't give up really find someone out

there who can help you and I think

you'll be happy that you did