How to Insert Equations Numbers in Word 2016

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hey folks in this brief video I want to

walk you through how to insert equation

numbers into a word document this is

worth 2016 I'm going to use a technique

that I call the table method it's a

technique that I've been using for some

time but I'm recording just so I don't

forget how to do this what I do to

insert equation numbers is I go and into

a document where I want to insert an

equation that I want to have labeled

with an equation number I'm going to

insert a table and I choose a table with

three columns in one row I adjust the

first and the last columns to be about a

half-inch actually want them to be the

same size so that the equation is

centered and in the final column I'm

going to insert my de limiters that I'll

use to surround my equation number and

then I go under insert to the quick