How to Insert Equations into Google Docs

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in this video I'll show you how to

insert mathematical equations into

Google Docs

first of all position your cursor where

you would like the new equation then you

can either go to insert and select

equation or you can go to view select

show equation toolbar and then click new

equation notice a couple of things first

of all a blue box appears and inside of

that blue box you can type your equation

in this case we're going to type the

quadratic formula that appears here

secondly notice that there are now five

menus on the equation toolbar the first

menu contains Greek symbols like alpha

and beta the second menu contains

mathematical operations like

multiplication and division the third

menu contains comparison symbols like

less than or equal to greater than or

equal to the fourth menu contains

mathematical operations like division

square roots and fruits exponents and so

on the last menu contains various types

of arrows so let's go ahead and get

start to insert the quadratic formula we

begin typing X is equal to now in order

to get this complicated mathematical

expression we need to notice its

structure first of all it's a fraction

we have a numerator divided by a

denominator so we'll go to the

mathematical operators menu and select

the fraction template which is a over B

right now the cursor is in the numerator

so we begin typing the opposite of B and

next we need a plus or minus symbol so

we go to the operators menu

and we find plus or minus next we have a

square root so we go back to the

mathematical operators menu and select

the square root template the square root

of x now underneath of the square root

we have b squared minus 4ac to type b

squared you can either go to the

mathematical operators menu and select X

raised to the B or more simply you can

just type B and then shift 6 and the

number 2 so you have B squared now in

order to exit the exponent press ENTER

then subtract 4ac now that we're done

with the radicand the part underneath of

the radical we press ENTER to exit the

radical and then we're also done with

the numerator so we press ENTER to exit

the numerator and it takes us to the

denominator in the denominator we have

2a if you need to move around and change

anything you can also use the left and

right arrow keys you can always resize

your equation select the equation and

select a new size once you've created an

equation you can create a new one by

clicking new equation