Is Your Dog Scared of Having His Toes Nails Cut? Clipped? Dremelled?

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keeping dog toenails short with Jessie

and Donna if your dog is fearful of the

Clipper or the dremel you can

desensitize him to having his feet

handled I use the clicker for basic

desensitization but phase it out later

ha yes ha yes

there you go good girl since for some

dogs this process can take a long time

you still need to find a way to keep the

nail short you can play games with your

dog on smooth pavement surfaces such as

throwing treats or toys along the ground

the dragging sound you hear is your dog

stopped to catch the treat is the sound

of the nails being worn down


bass stops from high speeds often causes

skidding on the pads and wear them raw


check them periodically to make sure

this isn't happening for young dogs old

dogs and ones with joint problems don't

use this method a great alternative is

using a scratch board teach your dog to

file his own nails just like cats do

laying the board of the ground results

in more even wear on the nails standing

at an angle to the board or having one

end lifted may result in uneven wear be

sure to change the position of the board

stopping on hard surfaces where's the

bottom of the nail

scratching where is the top between the

both methods you'll have a nice rounded


and you'll both have fun and avoid the

stress usually associated with nail

clipping back foot scraping can be

captured if your dog scratches the

ground after pooping

since Jessie doesn't do this I had to

find another way to do her back nails

use the leave at Q place a yummy treat

in front of your dog and Q leave it this

gives the dog a focal point other than

her foot pick up one back foot and clip

each session do one nail until they've

all been done you can do two three or

four in a day to start next try the

front feet


take a pick up her foot and play with it

as you did during desensitization clip

one nail and give a jackpot reward and

leave it for that day

good girl with practice you can do two

then three nails in each session if you

exercise your dog first your job will be

easier since you'll be tired and her

pain threshold will be a lot higher

good luck can take it slow