Hairy Dog Paw Pads - How to Trim Hair Between Toes

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hi it's Erica from pricks apex and today

I'm going to share with you the benefits

of shaping your dog's paw pads and how

to do it so why would you trim your

dog's paw pads well first if you're

gonna give them a nice haircut at home I

think that shaving the paw pads and

trimming up the feet gives one of those

nice finishing touches this will also

help not track so much of the outside

elements into your homes

another reason all their dogs have a

hard time on slippery floors removing

the hair you can give them more

attractions also if you have a pet that

licks their feet or needs medication put

on their paw pads shaving can help I

also find a lot less snow it's stuck in

between the pads if the hair is removed

during the winter months what will you

need first I always say when working