Fingers/DIgits Naming and Numbering

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I wanted to talk about a situation that

comes from time to time about numbering

of fingers and this was sort of an

interesting case so patient says to the

technologist this is the patient stated

history that they have left third finger

trigger finger and that's why they're

getting the x-rays and then this is the

physician order history which says

trigger finger left ring finger

so there's third finger and ring finger

and then the technologist marks with in

left with a number three over this

finger well there's some confusion

between if this is if this is the third

finger then the patient thinks there's a

problem here and the doctor thinks is a

problem here and so the question is well

is is that true is there a discrepancy

or is this really a matter of MIS

numbering of the digit involved and so I

want to talk about that very briefly so

the reason that the doctor refers to a

ring finger and doesn't give a number is

a lot of hand and wrist surgeons do that

and I think it's a good habit to get

into because really there are only four

fingers right one two three four and

this is a thumb we don't call this a

finger usually and some people might

call these all digits so you could say

the third digit is this digit but the

third finger might mean this finger so I

think that that you have the option of

either saying number of the digit or

naming the finger so naming the digits

so thumb index or pointer finger long

finger ring finger small finger and

using those names reduces this ambiguity

about which finger we're talking about

which digit we're talking about another

thing just to make sure that the patient

is communicating maybe the patient did

say the third finger but they meant this

finger the ring finger is to have them

point to which finger is bothering them

and then you name it the appropriate

name or you mark it you say you know

this is this in fact is this symptomatic

finger because we're kind of relying on

the history that's being communicated to

the technologists as to which which area

is really abnormal and you can

understand where the ambiguity comes

from so something to be aware of and I

would use the naming convention

otherwise you could use the digit

convention you know calling these old

digits and one two three four five but I

think the numbering or the words

thumb index long ring small is clearer