How to insert citations and reference lists with Word

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in this video I'm going to explain how

to insert citations and reference lists

into your paper using Microsoft words

automatic function you can do all this

stuff manually but it's kind of hard and

requires you to be very careful okay

here's a paper inhibitory effects of

various anti browning agents on apple

slices okay and just to show you some

examples of citations so right here this

is a citation and it includes the family

name and the year of the author okay

over here you can see another one if

there are more than one author then

they're listed like this okay but only

the family names not the first names or

anything else and basically the way this

is used is for example this point here

would cover the information in this

sentence so this sentence comes from

this source okay so when we have a

sentence and then we have a citation

that tells us where this paper comes

from if we want to know more details

about that we go to the to the end of

the paper and we can here it is and

you'll see it says references and here's

that reference okay we look it up by the

family name they're in alphabetical

order at least in this style this is

called APA style I can see here here's

the name of the paper new approaches in

improving the shelf-life of minimally

processed fruit and vegetables here's

the name of the journal trends in food

science technology the page numbers and

everything so this is all the

information I need to go to the Internet

and find out if I keep going down what

was the other one Kim Smith Lee this is

the other paper that was cited there and

then here's the journal okay now I

mentioned APA style if you're using APA

style then the reference list will look

like this and it will be in alphabetical

order with the fan

first and only the initials first

initials of the author every style has

its own rules okay

and in the that's the reference list in

the citation in APA style we use the

family name or multiple family names

here okay where is this one yeah Kim

Smith and Lee okay and then the year and

put it in parenthesis like that and

every style is different I'll show you a

different style in a minute here

depending on the way you write the

sentence in this case we wrote the

sentence like this or they wrote the

sentence like this processing operations

such as peeling cutting and shredding

and so on and then this is where that

information came from if you use the

names of the author's like this Nicola

which are for Jay whatever and so on

then and then use like a verb like

reported that and explain what they

found then you only need to put the year

in parentheses because we already

mentioned the family names of the

authors okay let me show you a different

paper this is a paper breakfast

consumption and cognitive function and

adolescents school children and if you

look at this paper this paper does not

use APA style it uses a different style

I think it's called a I Triple E or

something like that and in this case you

have this one and then two and then

three four here's two again okay it's

still the same that if I go to the end

of the paper

I'll find the reference list but this

time they're not in alphabetical order

they're in the order that they appear in

the paper okay so this is just a

different style and there are many many

many different styles for citations and

reference lists and it depends on the

journal or your teacher or whatever

which one you use now I'm going to show

you how to use APA style because that's

the style that that I use okay so here I

have a paper so this first sentence here

oxalic acid can slow the Browning

process of apple slices that one comes

from this Apple paper that's where I got

the information okay so we're going to

put in a citation for that okay the end

of the sentence before the period is

where I'm going to insert it I'm going

to come up to this tab okay which is the

thing it's the references tab in English

and then here's I'm going to make sure I

select my style okay you can see that

there's a whole bunch of styles here

here's that I Triple E one we want APA

and then I'm going to click this and

make a new citation now I want to make

sure that it's selected for a journal

article in this case because this is a

journal article and I want to set it to

English so that it'll all get formatted

correctly and I want to get more fields

here okay and now I start putting my

information in okay s/m son katie moon

okay so I just do it like this

s/m son and then put a semicolon not not

a comma a semicolon between the names K

D space moon I think was the next one

and then see why whoops

li okay and then when I'm done with that

I need to put the title in next I'm

going to put the name of the journal

which is up here food chemistry okay

next I'm going to put the year which is

2001 next I'll put the page numbers 23

to 30 and then next I want to put the

the volume and the issue okay now here I

found the volume 73 I don't see an issue

number so I'll just put that 173 and

then I'm going to click OK and you'll

see boom it got inserted in there with

the commas and everything okay

next I have another one I started this

one with the names of the author's

Cooper Banda Lo and Neville found that

breakfast consumption and so on so I'm

going to do the same thing here come

right after the name I'm going to go

here and click to get a new one let's

make sure we select English it's a

journal article click this to get more

information and now let's find that

article here it is okay

SB Cooper s Bandol ome Nevel okay

okay and make sure that you put you know

M period e period space Nevel and then

after between the names not after but

between the names put a semicolon okay

let's get the title breakfast

consumption okay let's get the name of

the journal physiology and behavior

let's get the year 2011 okay

the page number was and then the volume

number is 103 and click good and there

it is now you notice I have the name

repeated so what I'm going to do here is

I'm going to click on this right click

on it and come down here to edit this

entry and I'm going to come up here now

I can put a page number in if I if I'm

doing a quote for example but in this

case I just want to show the author

don't wanna well I don't want to show

the author and I don't want to show the

title you got to click that to okay and

when you do that there

it's exactly like we want it okay and

then finally I put one more down here

I'm actually going to change this I'm

going to write Sun Moon and lead now

there's three authors and I already

mentioned one of them I already

mentioned this paper once so now I can

just do it all okay and I'll come right

after this period

and I already use this paper so if I

click up here you see it's already

listed so click that come down here

let's edit that we don't want the

authors don't want the titles click good

get there's a little line here because I

have a period after at all but you're

supposed to have a period after at all

because it's an abbreviation okay so

that's how you get the citations put in

your paper and then when you're done

with your paper and you want to make the

reference list

I usually just make a title and write

references and then I come up here and I

don't choose one of these formats

because it comes with the title already

I like to put the title references

otherwise you're going to have to change

it I just click this one and look at

that it's all done I got a small

complaint this is Calibri and down here

is not Calibri so uh i'll just select

that and change the font to Calibri so

it matches there okay and there I go I

got my reference list too now one thing

that's really cool about this is that

once you have your citations and your

reference list done I can easily change

the style like if I want to switch it to

this I Triple E style I just click this

and now you'll see it's all been done

it's all been these have been

reformatted into that style and the ones

and twos have been stuck in here okay I

want to go back to APA I just click that

and there I go on back in APA style now

if you're writing just one short paper

this automatic system in Word is pretty

good you know it gets you exactly what

you want it's much better than doing it

by hand typing all this in manually

because it's really easy to make

mistakes with this however just to let

you know for your for the future there

are other things that you can use to do

reference list and if you're writing a

longer paper or if you're um writing

many papers about the same research

topic then you should use a proper

reference software

and the most popular ones are that I've

heard of our EndNote Mandalay and Zotero

EndNote is very very expensive and

Mendeley and Zotero are free I use

Zotero this is what Zotero looks like

and you can see here I have a lot of

references stored in here okay

what I like about it is I can go to an

internet page and I can just click and

automatically add all of this in so I

don't have to type that stuff also the

PDFs are stored right in here so if I

just click on one of these then it opens

up in a PDF document okay and then once

you have your citations entered into

Zotero then so this one was Daviess 1989

okay I can automatically reference those

in word I'm using this is word on Mac

but it'll be the same thing in Windows

add citation choose APA and then I can

just search for it like this Davies

alright there it is hit enter and I'm

done and when I want to make a reference

list I just do the same thing Sottero

add bibliography and there it is it's

done so in the future I recommend you

use one of these things but if you just

need to write one paper than the the

word function like we talked about here

is very good and will help you to help

prevent you from making a lot of