Page numbers starting from a specific page in Word 2016 tutorial for beginners

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Hello, my name is Andreas and I will be showing you how to insert page numbers starting at

a specific page in word 2016.

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We will use the following example as a guide.

What we want to do is, first page, title page, abstract page and table of contents page,

we don’t want them to have page numbers at the bottom and we want the introductory

page, which is the main text in page 4, starting with the page number 1 and going through the

rest of the report.

Ok, first thing we need to do is to click on the beginning of page 4 which is the main

text, go into the page layout tab, click on breaks and insert and next page break.

What this does, is it separates the report into 2 main sections.

You can see that by clicking on the home tab and then on the reverse P button.

Now you can see there is a section break.

A next page break.

Ok then we go into the insert tab and we click on the page numbers.

And then bottom of page and select whatever you want, and there you have it.

It starts from page 1 though.

It starts from the beginning of the report and goes through the whole of the report.

But what we need to do is make the introductory page being shown as page number 1.

Then what we need to do is split the 2 parts and make the introductory page the second

page and make it is as so you can number it separately.

What we need to do is, on the design tab, without clicking anywhere else on the page,

leaving it on the footer section, on the design tab you will find a “Link to Previous”


What this does is, it continues numbering from the previous page and goes through as

a unified section throughout the whole report.

So click on the link to previous button so that it stops being blue, so that it will

stop linking to the previous page.

After you have done that, go into the insert tab, go into the page numbers and click on

format page numbers.

Then on the page numbering system, instead of having selected “continue from previous

section” click on the “start at” and make sure number one is displayed in the text

box and then click on ok.

As you can see, the introductory page has been renumbered to 1 and the previous page

has the previous numbers because this is 2 sections.

And its page 1, page 2 and page 3.

What we need to do now is get rid of the first 3 pages being numbered and just leave the

4th page being numbered as number 1.

Now what we need to do is, on the footer section, on the 3rd page, select the number that there

is and on your keyboard, press the delete button.

What this does is it deletes the previous section of the numbering system.

Now what you have left with, once you click somewhere on the main text other than the

footer or header, you will get, a numbering system on your report which starts from page

number 4.

Thank you very much for watching this video on how to number a report starting at specific

page starting from number 1.

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