How to format a book in MS Word (Part II: setting up headers, page numbers, and section breaks)

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hey there welcome to part two of the

series on formatting books for print in

Microsoft Word but it's trying to say

earlier about setting up a panel over

here for the chapter titles you have to

go to view and click on this navigation

pane what that's going to do is show you

the chapters that you've set up over

here and it's only going to show you the

chapters that you've used for a certain

type of textile and that's why I was

saying you've got chapter one chapter

two it's also giving you the in-between

because I use the subtitle and because I

use a subtitle default style it's

showing up on the menu but I don't

actually want that in my table of

contents and so I'm going to change this

style to anything else I think it's only

the h1 and maybe the subtitle that's

going to show up over here so I can

change it to something else maybe subtle

emphasis or quote where I can just save

it as a new quick style by going Styles

save selection is a new quick style and

I'll say um tagline it's not exactly

tagline but depending on your book you

might have some text up here like this

you'd have a chapter one and then you'd

have a name or a short sentence or

something else because I set up as a new

style I've got to style it again so I'm

going to have to make my choices and

change the line space options to get rid

of that indent so it centers properly

and then I'll just save it again this is

something I can now change really easily

and quickly whenever I want just by

changing and updating the style so I

have my first my first chapter that

looks kind of okay and but before I can

go back through because I want to go

through and change all of the chapter

pages to match that first chapter but

it's not really going to work because my

headers and my footers

and on my new chapter pages are all

messed up right now this one for example

if you click here it's empty it's blank

that's because I have a space here but

the space is still using the subtitle

style so if I delete this I'm actually

Julie in the space in the manuscript

which is not what I want and the way to

get rid of that would be to highlight

this and then choose some other style

that's not a fancy style and I'll just

pick on that new one I just made which

was tagline seems like that one didn't

take I'll try it again Styles update

tagline to match selection so that

should take and this should work so now

if you do it right and it's also kind of

interesting here it will say chapter 1

in chapter 2 the reason that this one is

all caps and this one isn't you wouldn't

really notice it because it looks like

it's all caps and but because I'm using

bebas new it only has 1 all caps setting

it doesn't have a lowercase so that's

why actually this needs to be uppercase

if I wanted to display the same way in

my menu so that's something to be aware

of because you want eventually this menu

once you convert to eBook this will be

your table of contents in the e-book so

you want it to look okay here to make

sure it's going to look okay in the

e-book this also just makes it really

easy to flip back and forth between

chapters which we're going to want to do

later however so now we're going to

tackle the headers and the footers and

the page numbers and which is kind of an

ordeal and one of the reasons I don't

like formatting in word and but if you

click on see we were here just in the

main panel and up here the headers it's

a different panel so when I click on it

I automatically go to header and footer

tools design and so I have these choices

and that's what

need so right now my header from the top

is 0.5 my footer from the bottom is 0.5

that's where the text is going to show

up point five is okay and I might go two

point four point three is probably too

close to the edge I would never do a

margin of lesson point three but headed

from the top point four might be okay so

I'll leave that and then here there's a

lot of space too so footer from the

bottom and this one I might set to 0.3

or even point to it still got quite a

bit of space down here some might be

okay and with the page number it's just

probably one small number like this and

the other thing we're going to want to

do right now this is set it Garamond 11

that's okay and usually you'll have your

book title on one side and your author

name on the other side and so you're

going to have to have if I click on this

again and go to design you're going to

have to have different odd and even

pages so I'm going to click on that and

what that means is it threw in a page

number up here I'm not really sure why

but I can delete this page number and

I'll leave the chapter the book title up

there but I don't like this indentation

so I'm going to go to line space options

and take away the indent and actually

you can see here there's more space on

this side then this side which means

this is the inside of the book this is

where the gutter is this is where the

spine is going to be so I want this

header to be on the outside page this is

the outside margin which is a smaller

one so I'm going to go like this to put

that over there and that means on the

next page which is here and

I'm going to paste this I'm going to

remove the indent again this actually

there's something going on wrong with

this because this is this no that's

right so this is the inside because it's

bigger so that's the spine in the margin

this is the outside so that's where my

title goes this is usually upper caps

not always but usually so set it to

upper caps and could be italics doesn't

have to be one might be a different font

than the other one and so the only

problem now is this is way too close

together so the top of my text is too

close to the header and to fix that I'm

going to have to increase the margin on

the top which I think I mentioned in the

last video so I'm going to go to page

layout margins custom margins and I'll

make my top 0.8 so that forces the text

down a little bit but it keeps my header

where it should be and that's okay

because I have a point 5 margin on this

side but even though this margins a lot

bigger the header fills half that space

until it makes this margin look about

the same as this margin and on the

bottom and this is a little bit too

close also I'd probably want a little

bit more space so I might do the same

thing with the margin on the bottom

custom margin it doesn't have to be 0.8

but maybe I'll have it Oh point seven

and get a little bit more space here and

I'd want do the same thing with the

footer so this is the outside of the

page so my page number should also be on

the right side and if I had an indent I

would remove the indent the other option

which might be a little easier because

it can be very tricky to get these right

these have to rotate on the outside of

the pages I'll do that on this two one

space options no indent and so this

basically look okay now but if you don't

really care it's easier to just keep

this centered and keep this centered and

keep everything centered then you don't

really have to worry about what's side

of the page is on is on the inside of

the outside and it's fine to have them

in the center as well so if you're okay

with that it might save you a little bit

of frustration later to just do it that

way I usually like them on the outside

so I'm going to just set it back how it

was and if you've done this well and

correctly the page numbers should just

keep going and the rotation should be

the same all the way through the book so

even if I go to the very end I still

have the headers up here and the page

numbers and everything's still looking

pretty good one thing that might not be

the same is the headers the footers

sometimes when I go to a new section of

the book these might get reset but it

seems like this one is going to take and

like I said earlier I'm not really happy

with the font up here I probably would

actually change it to something else

and you don't usually want something

fancy I don't think I would use bebas

new or

the title font I might use a really

simple serif font like that I might make

it even smaller and I might increase the

spacing you want it to be small you want

to be there and to look good but you

don't want it to be overwhelming and

depending on the genre I'd probably do

something kind of like that which is

clean and minimal and it's going to look

a little bit better if I did want to do

that which I think looks good I could

highlight this and save it as a new

style I think this will work let's see I

have to be careful not to call it

heading 1 or header 1 because we already

have a staff with that and I think we

can highlight this and click on a

heading style that I was afraid that

might happen so it kind of worked except

I'd have to change it back to the other

side as long as I do that once that

should work on all of them if you change

one instance it'll change all the other

ones throughout the book and I might

want do that with this page number two

if I had changed the style and probably

want the page number style to match the

header style

so that looks sort of okay now this

actually could be down a little bit

further then I could probably do footer

from the bottom there we go

that's pretty low but it's I mean the

page number it's okay if it's pretty

close to the bottom

except for this particular one for the

page number it's kind of weird to have

the text spaced out that far it's okay

on the text on the top but in this case

I probably take away this expanded

that's still even too much because we're

just not used to reading letters that

are dead spaced out and then I'll save

this one as that's not going to work

this is a special field because it's a

page number if you don't have any page

numbers need to start inserting page

numbers what you do is go to insert page

number and you put it in the current

position and you probably just do a

plain number which would put it there

and then later if the page numbers all

screwed up you'd go to format page

numbers and then you can say continue

from previous section or start add one

two three four it'll get a little tricky

later this is the first page and now I

have these two it looks like 11 but it's

not 11 it's two different page number

fields with one someone delete one of

them to give me with just the one page

number and this is actually a bit low

I'm going to go back here again and I'll

go there and so now my page numbers

they're about in the right space there's

enough spacing from the bottom there

should be enough spacing from the top um

oops but I forgot to change the spacing

on that one

I think we said at point one it could

have been zero but I just want to make

sure they match okay so that part's done

my headers look okay and I have my

author name my book name page numbers in

the right spot the thing that's still

missing and that's going to mess

everything up is what we want to do is

break the section every time we finish a

chapter because we don't want these

chapter headers or page numbers on the

chapter pages so this page that's

chapter four this should start on a new

page and it shouldn't have a header or a

page number and then I'll have to style

the text so it looks fancy and to do

that you would have to add a page break

after the last bit of text on every

chapter so we'll go through that I'll do

it now it'll take a little bit of time

I'm not sure how many chapters in this

book but we'll go through kind of


so here's chapter 1 and there is a

chapter up here but if I go to headers

and I click on different first page then

the first page of a section is going to

have different styling so right now I

click different and so there's nothing

here and there's no footer and that's

great because I don't want them I could

also add some different style for

example sometimes the chapter pages they

do have a page number but it's centered

instead of a line lecture and blind

right so that would be a page number

here that's centered and then after that

the page numbers would be left aligned

or right aligned and you could do that

if you want I think it's easier just not

to have anything on the chapter page so

this one looks okay pretty much how it


there's no header there's no footer the

text starts halfway down the page this

styling I can change later because I

have the style set up the right way so

we're going to scroll down now and this

one it's got enough spacing it could be

a little bit more

actually this could be a little bit

higher but we might come back to that

later for now it's fine and so what I

want to do now is go down to chapter two

but I'll go to the very end of chapter

one I'll put my cursor right below the

last text on chapter one and I'll say

insert page break or I could go to page

layout breaks and next page and this is

insert a section break and start a new

section on the next page that's really

what I want I want a new section so I'll

click that and it actually is going to

give me this whole big blank page here

which I don't want so I'm going to

highlight a little bit and delete that

oops didn't work I highlighted too much

so let me try that again what I'm trying

to do is get the next chapter to come up

where it should be without deleting that

page break I just made so that you work

I'm and again we want to make sure that

this page so now that I've hit a page

break I've made that breaks next page

there's a page break here which means

this page has the header in the footer

but this new section doesn't have a

header or a footer and if I've done it

right my big numbers will keep counting

anyway so this is page 11 page 12 with

no page number and then page 13 is still

fine if it screwed up and it's not fine

I can go to page numbers and insert page

number format page number continue from

previous section and just make sure that

that's set up the right way then it

should be fine so I've set chapter 2 the

thing I want to be a little careful of

the spacing is going to be messed up

there should be a really easy way to

change your style to make sure that you

always have the same amount of spacing

for example line spacing options I could

say before spacing I want 72 there we go

and then I could delete everything and

then I'll have a 72 space I'm going to

save that I'm going to update the style

and that might not even be enough

actually I probably want this down a

little bit more so let me try that again

now say line space options one two fifty

and that just means it's putting

automatic spacing down from the top of

the page so that every chapter is going

to be just the same and they're all

Stu's I'll update and so now if I delete

all this extra stuff any extra spaces

this chapter title chapter two should be

just the same distance from the top it's

a little bit tricky sometimes to measure

you kind of have to UM go back and forth

or compare but as long as you set your

spacing and you know that this is the

right amount this is one hundred and

fifty that should be fine

and I wanted the same on this one so

right now I think there's some space

here but the space between could be a

little confusing if it uses another font

or something so I want to remove the

space then go to line space options

before they bill make it fifty

there might be too much but it's not bad

because remember I want this to start

halfway down the page and then you're

going to be careful about this stuff but

you can do the same thing I think with

the first paragraph this is the first

paragraph style I'm just going to go

back to first paragraph I'll worry about

the other styles later and if I

highlight this first paragraph style and

go to line space options and before

maybe 60 that way I should be able to

delete any extra returns you couldn't do

it for the other paragraphs because then

you would have spaces on top of the

other paragraphs but for the first

paragraph you can add automatic spacing

on top the first paragraph to keep it

away from this line and that way you can

make sure that they're always the same

update first paragraph to match so now

my first paragraph I'll have to delete

all this extra stuff my first paragraph

is going to be the right distance from

here and this is going to be the right

distance from here this one's actually

too far you'll set it to 30

and remember you want to make sure this

starts about halfway down the page so I

can zoom out see how it looks there's

probably a little bit too much space

here still I'll set it for 20 this could

go a little bit higher so that's about

halfway down the page and this looks not

too bad I like having a lot of space up

here on top and I could even put this

one higher and then make this one lower

so this is the kind of stuff you want to

figure out and play with for a while

before you make any firm decisions

because you don't want to do this all

the way through on the other hand once

I've updated these styles update heading

one update update first paragraph once

I've set these styles and updated them

there's going to be the same on every

chapter let me see what I put up here so

this is style one and I could have that


and so your chapters going to look like

that kind of and we can change this

later we can figure other things out but

doing your spacing that way from the

line spacing options means that you

don't have to worry about the amount of

spacing or the amount of return between

all these elements is always just going

to be the same it's going to be even and

then I can just go through real quickly

so here's the end of one chapter it's

kind of too bad it ends you know it's a

orphan sentence some people really don't

like when there's just one extra

sentence on the end but I don't think

it's really worth avoiding I'm going to

put the cursor here I'm going to go to

page layout breaks next page and then

I'll delete all these extra returns and

then if I go like this each one it

automatically puts all that space in

this one doesn't have a subtitle like no

the first paragraph first paragraph

looks like that there should be this

other sentence here but it looks like

this paragraph doesn't have an extra

sentence and so what I'd probably want

to do is add more spacing or extra

spacing or I'd want to put something

here because you want all the paragraph

to look about the same and

yeah because so this is the normal

spacing but it doesn't quite match all

the other ones and also see here the

lower caps are back again so if I want

to make these upper case I'd have to go

through and make them all upper case

however because I don't want to do that

30 times it likes to be faster for me

just to go through unless you really

have a preference and capitalize each

word because that looks just as good you

just wanted to be consistent you don't

want them to be some upper case and some

lower case and that way when I go down

to chapter 4 I got a hit return here

because that's justified but this

spacing looks ok there's no header or

footer so we'll go on to the next one

here's the other one so I'll hit page

layout breaks next page then I'll delete

all this extra this one got justified

again I think the reason it's doing that

is because I'm hitting page break and

putting my cursor right here next time

I'll try skipping a paragraph first

before I do it so this is here on the

top I can just go to heading 1 first

paragraph same thing about this spacing

but it's fine probably I'll just leave a

little bit of extra space so that it

matches the ones that have um something

else here

this has a extra space here I'm gonna

take that out so I'm going to leave this

much spacing there's two returns I'm

just going to copy that and paste it

here so that I know they all have the

same amount of spacing oops I shouldn't

need to do that for the rest if as long

as I don't delete it the other one

should already be set up that way so

there's no header here no footer

I'll go down to the next one so instead

of just going here this time I'm going

to hit return once and then do next page

and that way I won't get this weird

justification as you and I do still have

to delete a bit a little bit just one

line it looks like to get this back

where it should be

so that's first paragraph here's chapter

five do that again and you're just going

to have to go through and do this for

all of them but it probably will take

you less than thirty minutes

and once you've set up your styles and

all you're doing really is highlighting

and choosing the style later once you

decide on the style for your first

paragraph like maybe I want to have this

all uppercase and I maybe I want to have

a drop cap here insert drop cap you're

going to have to go through again and

make those same changes to every chapter

but first you just want to make sure

that you've got your basic pages set up

one two three four five you've got all

your chapter settings if you do it right

all your chapters should be listed here

on the side and to get the navigation

again you have to go to view and then

click on navigation pane

so you can see it this kind of just

tells you that you're doing it right

it'll also tell you if you have weird

extra spacing or things and on all your

chapter titles there should be no

heading no footing but on your other

pages here it starts to look a little

better you can see how they're mirror

images this is the inside of the book

because it has the gutter it has more

margins and these are the headers and

the footers and they're mirrors and they

look pretty good so I'll stop this video

now because it's I'm only on page 37 of

351 and there are let's see how many

chapters are 40 chapters 46 chapters so

it's going to take me probably I don't

know 30 minutes to go through and set

all these up so I'm going to do that

first and remember all I'm doing I'll do

one more all I'm doing is going to the

end of one chapter putting my cursor

here going to page layout breaks next

page and I just have to delete a little

bit to get this to the top of this new

section make sure that this still looks

fine if I delete too much it might go

back to this page where screw up the

formatting here and I'm just changing

this style to heading one and first

paragraph and that's all I'm doing this

one actually has more spacing here then

the other ones did so I'm going to fix

that I just copied pasted the spacing

that I took from an earlier chapter and

use it there just to make sure that this

policing is all the same if you're

actually doing it right like that's not

the most reliable way to do it what I

should have done is save this as a new

style and make it a paragraph without

that subtitle or tagline here and just

added a few more lines into the line

spacing options so that I could just

click like new paragraph style or first

paragraph style too and it would always

be the same and I don't have to count

how many returns there are how many

extra spaces are up here because that's

kind of sloppy why don't I do that now

actually so I'll delete those I'll

highlight this line spacing options

should be I'll say 80 and I'll say that

has a new quick style I'll say first

paragraph too

so now I could go back to these other

chapters where I have this extra spacing

I can delete the spacing and choose

first paragraph - that's just a little

bit cleaner and it'll be harder for me

to mess anything up if I do it that way

and also if I decide that I wanted to be

different later if maybe there's not

enough space here I want to add a little

graphic or anything else now I have the

page style so it's going to be all


oops sorry okay I'm going to go through

I have 40 more chapters to go so I'm

going to go through and make all these

page breaks and then we'll start playing

with some other things that we can do to

make your print formatting cooler so

follow along in the next video which is

just going to be down below