Numbers Bingo Cards - how to create with the Bingo Card Maker by

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okay in this video I'm going to show you

how to write finger cards with numbers

using software called being a card

printer which you can download from me

I'm pretty calm this is due at the

initial screen of the software looks

like I click great new bingo card

project and I now get a choice of what

kind of been cards I'd like that great

and what kind of items I'd like to

appear on the bingo card so I can start

from blank went into my own words I

start with alphabets but if I scroll

down on this sign inside here there are

numbers 1 to 49 1 to 75 1 to 99 but also

options like Roman numerals and in the

math tab there are things like fractions

decimals even numbers only prime numbers

odd numbers powers of 2 and so on but

for the simple numbers here they're all

the simple tab and I simply select the

one I want and click OK

and I've now created a mint card in this

example the numbers 1 to 75 on it I can

also delete items and add items although

I don't need to do that in this

particular case I can change the bingo

card size can we pull back for bingo

card I can make a 6 by 6 7 by 7 but

we'll stick in this example 2 5 by 5 in

Guitar I can change the heading if I

wanted to leave a headache or I think it

has been go like a tunnel heading off

well change whether it's not to have the

free space square in the middle and I

can change what text with the prestress

is this example here the bigger card is

shown with numbers initially in

sequential order

but in the real bin cards the numbers

log be shuffled about and random expect

that every bingo card is different but I

will now show you that you can also

change the colors and the formatting of

the main card so I can change for

example fonts and the colors that we

change the colors I can change the

collateral squared I can say let's use a

checkerboard and use two colors and can

change the priests basic square color

think that maybe a pink square

and I can take the heavy economic that

may be like blue just for an example

you'll see that's what this example

would now look like with these colors

are selected narrow nice print I can

choose whether not to print the call

list there's basically a list of these

items in a random order it's optional I

can turn it off by just unchecking that

button but it can be handy for some

people as it can be used to play the

game as being go without homes collide

in that of a hat or anything like that

so it's quite useful I can choose how

many finger cartoon to appear on each

sheet of paper and print them obviously

if I put more being a cards on a page

the VIN cards will be smaller but if I'm

printing a large number and provided I'm

prepared to cut paper up if I were to

get one bingo card to each class smaller

being a cards multiple per page would

allow me to save paper and I can choose

how many different bingo cards I want to

print I can put in a type of an ATF of

an 800 I can look at 8,000 and win

episode 9999 I want to do that every

being your card will be different

containing a different combination at

all night and so that's but in 25 it's

just an example and I know a GG print I

will do print preview ii see on screen

what the well-being of cards would look

like first page here is the call list

these are the numbers in random order

the next page will be the first thing

apart of the amount of this you can see

the whole thing goes on and as you can

see the numbers are positioned randomly

around the being of cars by the next

page you'll see the neck being closed

completely different third one is from

the game and the fourth one is different

and so on there's a very easy way to

produce lots of custom bingo cards very

quickly as well as doing at numbers this

software can also trees being cut with

letters with words and phrases a lot

more color options and so on as well and

if you go to being a card printing calm

you can download a free trial rational

software try it out see how you like it

and if you do like it upgrade to the

registered version which is what I'm

showing this video which has a few more

features allows you to do everything

that you've seen in this video and a bit

more besides as well

so check it out bingo car intercom thank

you very much