Naming Bicyclic Compounds

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in this video we're gonna talk about how

to name by cyclic compounds so let's

start with this example how can we name

this molecule the first thing we need to

do is identify the bridgehead carbons

now as we travel from one bridge had a

carbon to another on the left side we're

gonna pass through two carbon atoms on

the right side we're going to pass

through three carbon atoms and at the

top there's one between the two

bridgehead carbons so to name this

compound it's gonna be by cyclo and then

in to set in order three two one

and then how many carbons do we have in

this molecule it's going to be the sum

of these three numbers 3 plus 2 plus 1

which is 6 plus the two bridgehead

carbon atoms so that's eight so octane

so it's by cyclo three two one octane

it's a number it we're gonna start with