How to Insert a Series of Numbers in a Microsoft Word Table : Microsoft Word Doc Tips

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hi I'm Shannon grossie with versatile

software training and I'm here to show

you how to make a numeric list in a word

table so I've got this table opened

where I'm going to keep track of people

coming in to take a class but I also

like to keep track of how many people

are coming so I've got this empty column

off to the left and my intentions are to

get a series of numbers to go down the

column I'm going to slowly roll my mouse

up until I get a down arrow and click so

I've selected that whole column and I'm

in the Home tab I'm going to come here

to this paragraph group and here's my

series of numbers notice it also

selected and put a number in the first

row I don't want that one there so I'm

just going to click on that inside that

cell and backspace and as you can see it

automatically remembered all the other