How to Number Different Pages with Specific Page Numbers?

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the guys in this video I'll be showing

you how to number of specific set of

pages with a certain number and another

set of pages with a different set of

numbers so in word what you see is as

you can see I have a sample file over here

so in this, I have certain certificates

and documentation, etc on the top

so as we come below there's an

abstract and then the table of contents

and here the chapter one starts

so the numbering actually should start from

this page but what you see is if I go

and put a number over here for that you

need to go to insert > page number > bottom of page

and choose some style you want.

where you want the location of the page number

so I just select this

so as you can see

this has started numbering from number 5

so as you see there are set of other pages

let me just click away

so there are 5 pages above this

this is the 5th page

so the numbering starts from here

this gets 6 and this gets 7 and so on so

so, I don't want that to happen instead I want

to start the numbering over here

from what do you say number 1 so for

so for that what I need to do is

go to the top of the page and click over here

but before that, I'll just remove this

now click here and go to insert you will

find an option called "page break"

if you don't find it here

goto page layout > breaks > page

once you click that you get a blank page

blank page don't mind about that

now go below and insert your page numbers

so for that, I need to goto

insert > page number > bottom of page

so again it says 6 but what you need to do is

just start this number from 1

for that, you need to goto

page number > format page numbers

and start from 1

so that is what you gotta do

from 1 so that is what you want to do so

so I'm starting at 1

and you can see

the numbering of the page starts from 1..

2.. 3.. and so on

you got a blank page over here

just remove this black page *sorry

so this is chapter 1 and I have other pages on the

top that is table and all so here it

starts from 1 that is chapter 1

so you can see for chapter 1 I've got the page number 1

now there are certain things

like you need to have a roman number

kind of numbers for the other pages

so for that I'll be

you just need to select that and goto

page number > bottom of page

you can see this have got the Roman

number style and it is from the first itself

so this gets i, the certificate gets ii,

and the abstract gets iii,

the page of content gets iv,

and as I've shown before chapter one gets 1,

and so on so that way you can give a

starting set of pages a different number

anywhere you want to place it just place

a page break which is there an insert

you can see here so you can change this

number stand to the normal ones also for

that you've got page numbers format you

page numbers and you have number format

where you can select different styles

again send it as ABCD or Roman numbers, etc

so that's it in this video

so stay tuned for more tutorials. Thank you!

thank you