How to make a Number 8 Batman Cake!

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hey sunshine let's make a Batman cake a

9-inch cake and we're going to cut it in

half so we can fill it with buttercream

so there's not too much cake now I took

a round cookie cutter and I kind of just

eyeballed it in the center and cut it

through because my cookie cutter didn't

reach all the way to the bottom I just

took a knife and finished trimming it

out the reason we're doing this whole

middle is because this cake we want to

look like an 8 in the end and this is

just one half of the 8 if the top half

so I take these on the inside cake

pieces out and guess what those are for


and so now I take some simple syrup you

can get the recipe off of how to cake it

so YouTube oh my gosh I love you on this

anyways umm so I take some yellow

buttercream and I just put a layer in

the middle and then I flip this other

cake off the cake board over I used the

cake board to keep it from crumbling

because it will fall apart then I also

do another generous layer of simple

syrup and I do another coat of yellow

buttercream and quick crumb coat

now this doesn't have to be perfect

behind sure was not I let it chill and

then I do this little center spot

because where I cut it out there's a lot

of crumbs and fall apart and crumble

trying to do it with it warm any little

bit so I cooled it first and then I've

done this little Center filling with it

sparkles and then because I already

chilled my cakes a little bit I'm gonna

head and done my I don't friend coat

overall cake use a little metal scraper

which I got actually I believe at

Walmart achieve that

use it to scrape the edges get it as

smooth as possible and I took a angled

spatula and hit them the top now I have

some Crisco which I'm using to grease my

counter it seemed it seems when I use

powdered sugar it tends to crack my

fondant so I just used Crisco I am

wearing gloves because black fondant is

the devil and so I just reached my

rolling pin and rolled it out and

carefully laid it on the cake I roll a

little bit on top just to kind of get

out any bubbles because if not I have

thousands and bubbles on the top of mine

and take a little knife and cut that

little inner piece out and I just take

my hands and a fondant smoother and I

kind of just go around and make sure the

cake is smooth no air bubbles or bones


there's a time-consuming process but it

has to be done because you want your

cake to be smooth and as you can see the

inside of that little circle still has

some yellow it didn't cover it all the

way and I will show you how I fix that

now what I did to fix that little middle

part I rolled them pieces back out what

is down in there and cut a small strip

about the height of the cake and I kind

of just eyeballed it there and I just

fit it in there and rolled it around in

there like fit it to the cake using my

hands and kind of press it as good as I

can and then I rolled the little pieces

off the top not something crazy and then

I just moved it out with my fingers it

covers the entire inside now you're

gonna do this entire process twice

because I just you need two cakes to

make an eight and so I'm gonna put that

off of the cake board and onto my main

cake board which will be finger prints

if you do not pull your cake

I didn't throw mine enough and so just

take a fondant smoother and smooth out

any imperfections that may have from

transforming it on board to the other

and then this one I left on the board

this one I left on the board so I could

see where I wanted to trim it I did want

to trim a small chunk off so it would

fit up against the other circle and

since to be in future close next to each

other I wanted them to fit together like

a puzzle you see it inside of the cake

is black and yellow you know that

so I just flipped it off the board on

there and pieced it together and look we

have a Big Eight

and I took a template of Batman and a

star the scissors and an exacto I cut

out the template because who needs quick

cutters when you can just cut it out of

with an exacto knife and cut it out of

your partner it's a little more

time-consuming that way but it saves you

a lot of money with cookie cutters so I

cut out my Batman template and I also

used my exacto knife to cut the little

bat symbol out of the inside


so next I'm rolling out the yellow

fondant again on a greased up counter

and rolling it out and I'm gonna use

this to make my stars and my bat symbol

and the outer trim of the bat belt so

I'm just taking an exacto knife and I am

cutting up my bat and cutting out the

buckle for the belt the outer trim part


okay so now I'm just taking some

scissors and I'm cutting that outer trim

off but I want it to be yellow so now

I'm just gonna happen a piece that I

want to be black now what I'm going to

do is I'm going to take my black fondant

and I'm gonna roll it out flat and I'm

going to put this small template on it

and just get the oval shape off it okay

now that that's done I also as you can

see cut out a strip for the belt which I

forgot to record I'm gonna start

assembling my belt buckle so I put the

yellow and then I use water and a

paintbrush to attach some black to it

and I decided I wanted to put the belt

down first I just took some water and

I'm gonna on this belt and I attached it

to this cake I wanted to eight to look

like she is wearing the Batman utility

belt and it also covers the scene where

you put the two cakes together so I just

take this yellow strip and put it on

there and ride across with it


again using water I attach this belt

buckle on to the center of the belt and

straighten it up a little bit and then I

took the symbol of the bat and bit right

from the center of the belt buckle

a position where I wanted the name and

then one letter at a time I get back

home with water and same with the Stars

I just kind of randomly placed them I

didn't you plan them out just anywhere

that look like it you do their stuff

I took some yellow buttercream in a

piping bag with a star tip and then just

done trim around the bottom and then

you're done you have a Batman cake now

time to go fight some crime thanks for

watching bye