How to create a "Multi-Level List" in MS Word all versions

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good morning good afternoon or good

evening wherever you might be watching

this time I'd like to show you a

procedure in word using what are called

multi-level lists what I've done as you

can see I've typed out some information

here the canines being shepherds colles

and two types of terriers

the felines lions tigers I'm also going

to add down here another paragraph for

Sumatran tigers and Siberian tigers and

what I want to do is to create what is

called a multi-level list the way I do

it I invoke the golden rule of all

computing by selecting and then doing so

up here in the paragraph group there's a

little button called the multi-level

list of you hover your mouse over it

you'll see it and there's a drop arrow

right next to it and what I can do is to

choose the type of list that I want

let's have a look at what this one looks

like so at the moment the the

multi-level list command has simply

numbered all of the all of the

paragraphs but what I'm going to do is

to click away to deselect and then I'm

going to select the carriers down to the

Scottish terriers and I'll indent by

using the increase indent and you'll see

how it gives the indexing the numbers

based on the main number here but it it

has indented all of them now I know that

the Fox and the Scottish terriers I want

to be indented one further step

so I'll increase the indent there and

you'll see how word adds the extra

information there so I've got a nice

little index

now do the same with the lines and the

Tigers will indent them to their the

Sumatran and the Siberian will indent

them twice and the domestic cats just

need to be indebted the once so that's

how it works is really very very simple

but lots of people look at that button

there the multi-level list and think

gosh I wonder how it works and quite

simply that it is very easy to use once

you get the knack of it so remember you

can pause the video to replay it back

from where you need to follow the

bouncing ball and with a bit of practice

guys you'll soon become an expert in

using the multi-level list very handy

for indexing it's very much along the

lines of a table of contents although it

doesn't have the same commands are

vulnerable in it it's very much bullet

points that we're really seeing there

thanks so much for watching don't forget

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