How to create a Multi-Level List in MS Word all versions

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good morning good afternoon or good

evening wherever you might be watching

this time I'd like to show you a

procedure in word using what are called

multi-level lists what I've done as you

can see I've typed out some information

here the canines being shepherds colles

and two types of terriers

the felines lions tigers I'm also going

to add down here another paragraph for

Sumatran tigers and Siberian tigers and

what I want to do is to create what is

called a multi-level list the way I do

it I invoke the golden rule of all

computing by selecting and then doing so

up here in the paragraph group there's a

little button called the multi-level

list of you hover your mouse over it

you'll see it and there's a drop arrow

right next to it and what I can do is to

choose the type of list that I want