Excel Tips - Quickly Fill Series of Numbers in a Few Seconds Fill Command

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hi and welcome to this tutorial here I'm

going to show you a very neat trick to

fill a hundred thousand cells in just a

few seconds so what I'm going to show

you how to do is to enter the numbers 1

through 100,000 in the left column right

here oops

right here up and down now this is a

very important thing to learn if you

have to on a regular basis number your

items could be for a database could be

imported inventory lists anything that

you would like to have a number of for

the entries in the columns or the rows

so you may think to do it like this

enter 1 and to highlight them both grab

the quick fill handle and drag it down

right because you could fill it and you

could go like this and wait and wait and

wait but that's going to take a long

time if you're filling a hundred

thousand cells or if you're going to be

bold and fill all 1,048,576 l 576 anyway

so here's how you can do that very

quickly let's go from one to a hundred

thousand in just a few seconds on the

Home tab so type one in cell a1 then go

to the Home tab go to the editing

section click fill

click series then for series in click

columns if I click columns it's going to

make you go one to 100,000 up and down

and column a if I select rows it will

make it go a hundred thousand in row 1

so all the way left to right so rows is

left to right columns up and down so I'm

gonna select columns keep this at linear

step value 1 that's the value that I

would like to increase each cell by so I

want it to increase by 1 and the stop

value so when would I like to stop I'm

going to stop at 100,000 if I wanted to

go by 10 so 10 20 30 40 50 I would make

a step value 10 instead of 1 so anyway

we've got that set go ahead and click OK

and check it out so if you want to very

quickly go to sell 100,000 hit ctrl on

the keyboard and then the down arrow

and a hundred thousand so that will

really save you a lot of time if you're

trying to fill in numbers like that and

if you'd like to get this workbook head

over to teach excel com search for this

video tutorial

and you can download the workbook there

so that's it for this tutorial