First Period - Girl Talk Episode 1

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hey girls welcome to the show it can be

hard to open up about our bodies

especially memory gets our first period

things like what is a period

at what age details usually get their

first period what are the signs that is

come in and how to prepare for your

first period can be a bit of a mystery

so we thought we challenge you with a

fun way to learn about periods we're

going to ask you some questions and the

answers will be hidden around the room

you ready okay let's start with the

basics what is a period is it a a timing

a transition from childhood to women

hood be a monthly cycle where your

uterus releases tissue that you no

longer need seeing a physical change

that only happens to some girls B Eve

was the right answer your period is a

few days every month when you begin to

show tissue fluid and blood through your

vagina it's also called menstruation you

might be wondering how often it happens

and how long it lasts well it varies

between women and between cycles your

menstrual cycle is the time between the

first day of one period and the first

day of the next usually this takes 28

days but it could be anywhere between 24

and 35 days then the cycle starts again

a period can last between three to seven

days and it can come in different shades

of red or brown it's a natural normal

process that happens to every girl as

she becomes a woman and matures

physically at what age do girls usually

get their first period


okay actually you're alright it's

different for everyone you're most

likely to get your first period between

the ages of 10 and 16 your period will

start when your body is ready if it

hasn't started by the time you turn 16

it might be a good idea to talk to a

doctor what are the signs that your

first period is coming nicely done you

can tell that your period is coming if

you begin to grow taller develop body

hair for example on your legs or under

your arms notice your breasts grow in

and if you start getting vagina

discharge discharge is a whitish or

yellowish fluid that helps your vagina

stay clean it's a perfectly normal

natural and healthy sign that your body

is functioning properly we'll be

covering it in more detail in episode 5

now that you know what to expect how

should you prepare for your first period


yes keep an ad always pad in your locker

or bag we'll make sure that you're ready

for your first period and after it's

happened you'll be able to prepare for

it around once a month it might be

irregular at first that's completely

normal and remember you can always talk

to a trusted adult like a parent or a

nurse who can help guide you through the