How To Get Your Crush To Notice You (10 Slick Tricks)

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hey welcome back this has been so

invisibility huh isn't that a good power

to have I mean you could do a lot of

pretty bad things with it

Prison Break but too bad your crush

won't notice you if you actually want to

let someone know that you exist you need

to make an effort to do so or you'll

just be lost in the crowd here are 10

slick tricks on how to get your crush to

notice you number 1 smell good no one

likes a bad odor on them well unless

you're like one of the few who likes

that kind of stuff make sure to shower

everyday and use soap it's affordable so

you have no excuse if you sweat a lot

and know you have bad body odor use

deodorant when going out put a few

spritz of Cologne or perfume on your

pulse area to enhance your smell but

don't overdo it to the point where

you're trying to suffocate them and

knock them out I mean if that's the case

you should try chloroform number two

have similar interests as your crush

okay this might require you to do a bit

of stalking if stalking is a bit of a

strong word for you then you can call it

as intensive research of an individual

of course for academic purposes study

and take notes of what they like to do

when you know what they like to do try

to be more involved with their

activities or at least try to be around

them letting them know that you are

there but don't make it too obvious that

you're there for them now I know some

people might say oh you shouldn't change

yourself for someone else you're not

changing yourself for them let's just

call it trying new things plus the main

focus is to get them to notice you so

once you've cubed that you can't do

something else if you don't like it also

it's not stalking if you don't get

caught and people don't know so be very

slick about it

number three dress up and stand out if

you just blend in with the crowd you

might as well tell your crush to close

their eyes and randomly select a partner

you must look sharp and presentable and

very well dateable if you want your

crush to notice you perhaps try on the

color red it's bold and will definitely

make you stand out and for girls don't

be afraid to put on that red lipstick

red can symbolize confidence love and

seduction and if you're Asian you

already know it's a baby-making colour

so give it a try

number four make eye contact I know I

talk about eye contact in most of my

videos but for those who are new to my

channel or for those who just want to

know anything or to just know that eye

contact is important I contact is

probably where you'll create that

initial spark between the two of you

it's intimate and not too overwhelming

for your crush so occasionally and

naturally from time to time try to lock

eyes with them for a brief moment to get

their attention if you're bold enough I

dare you to give them a wink number five

and be funny if you have humor on your

side you're already more than 50% ahead

of the game people in general would like

a good laugh and if you can crack a few

jokes and tell funny stories you will

definitely be able to draw people's

attention and have them coming back to

you for more laughter is contagious and

if you can get one person to laugh other

people will follow sooner or later it'll

reach to your crush and they'll want to

jump in on it number six show them you

have your life together honestly if you

have a plan in place and you kind of

have a sense of your own future I think

that's pretty attractive or maybe that's

just me like heck yeah let me know at

what age your plans you get a house and

I'll slide it into your DM when you're

successful and close to getting in the

house I'm kidding sort of but confidence

is pretty attractive so don't be afraid

to show that off let them know that you

have a set of amazing skills or show off

your talent like if you're good at


you can't Photoshop you and Devon

together okay that might be a little bit

too creepy yeah don't do that on your

strengths so they'll notice you also be

mature some people like those who are

seasoned and ripe I'm just saying number

seven be kind and nice in general I

think it's safe to say that people in

general are attracted to other nice

people so be nice to people don't put

people down don't be a complainer be

caring and have a kind heart and you

know how people say that nice guys

finish last well they obviously don't

know the whole story to it nice guys

generally end up having a successful

relationship with their partner and stay

together longer than as a couple then

some jerk or cocky guy who's

relationship is short-lived because it

doesn't take someone that long to

realize that deep down inside

they aren't nice and I didn't mean to

exclude the ladies it applies to them as


number eight turn the tables around okay

this one is a tricky play it may work or

it may not but I'm going to tell you

anyways so it requires two things one it

requires that you have a mutual friend

second it requires your crush to simply

do one thing that shows interest in you

whether it's locking are for a split

second or if they barely bump into you

in class or something then you casually

go up to your mutual friend and let them

know that so-and-so

let's just say tom was staring at you

today and that you think he likes you if

that mutual friend is a good friend of

your crush they'll tell your crush and

possibly tease him by saying hey you

like her huh she said you were checking

her out and voila you have just turned

the game around and your crush will

start to notice you more and possibly

find you interesting obviously this has

a lot of moving parts and you have to

get it perfect in order for it to work I

mean sometimes you just can't find a

friend to tell it to which is why do

these monologues number 9 add them on

social media nowadays there are tons of

social media platforms you can use to

connect with your crush well unless they

have one but first you need to know

which platform they are using during

your intensive research once you know

type in their phone name and then add

them as a friend or follow them if they

accept or follow you back you can say

that things are escalating pretty quick

between YouTube but do calm down I know

your hormones are raging at this point

you know you can casually like or

comment a picture or two when they post

but don't overdo it this is a simple way

and for sure they'll notice you number

10 befriend their friends this is

probably one of the best way to get them

to notice you because it's actually

really hard for them not to notice you

for example if you are talking to your

friend and your crush comes up to their

friend they are bound to notice you

unless they're blind and deaf your

success rate of getting notice is 100%

if they aren't blind and deaf I can

guarantee that or your money back plus

you'll get to see your crush more often

if you're too shy to go up to them then

it's a perfect opportunity to slowly

move in towards them and

to know more about them the information

can also be useful for your research

purposes of course overall getting your

crush to notice you isn't that hard

sometimes you just need to take the

initiative and get yourself notice

don't try to complicate things as simple

hi and a smile goes a long way ladies

and gentlemen make small talks with them

sometimes after talking to them for a

while you might realize that they aren't

really that great anyway after all

crushes are crushes they might not all

work out I mean I have a list of 42

crushes they are all kind of more famous

than me actually like a lot more famous

so I probably can't even get past their

security to talk to them best bet is to

moderately stalk them online but like

Taylor Swift can I get your autograph

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thanks for watching