How to "see" your blind spot

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okay in this video what I want to do is

show you how to find your blind spot as

light comes into your eye it's the the

backyard where your retina is and this

is where your light receptive cells are

now most of the information that you're

going to pay attention to is going to be

in the central part of your vision right

here in the fovea region this is where

all your color sensitive cells are this

is where you mostly pay attention so

when you look at something you're mostly

pay attention in this area here and the

other parts of the retina are your

peripheral vision but you can still pay

attention to them and if you do that you

can see this you have a blind spot where

your optic nerve which carries

information out of the eye and into your

brain meets with a retina there's this

fairly significantly large region where

you don't gather any information and

what I want to try to show you in this

video is how you can observe the fact

that you do in fact have a blind spot

that you probably are unaware of so

here's what we're going to do we're

going to arrange it so that this o is in

your blind spot and it will disappear

and all you'll see is a white background

now in order to do that what I need to

do is to take your nose right now and

position over this X so move your nose

over the X now close your right eye and

with your right eye closing your nose

over the X start moving towards the X

slowly move forward and as you approach

your computer screen you'll notice that

at a certain point you'll see the X but

you will not see the O anymore and if

you move your head back away the O

reappears and if you keep moving your

face forward to the O will reappear but

while it's gone it's when it's in your

blind spot so now let's try something

really weird I want you to the exact

same thing again I want you to close

your eye in your nose over the X but

this time I'm going to make a red dot

flash in your blind spot so I want you

to move forward just like you were doing

and there's going to be a flashing red

dot the whole time but when you have

that in your blind spot this flashing

red dot should disappear and then when

you move your eye forward or backwards

you should see the red dot reemerge and

believe me it was there the entire time

that you is that freaky or what now

here's what's really freaky about it is

your brain doesn't want you to know that

you have a blind spot that's why you

didn't know you had one so what it does

is it interpolates the region around

where the blind spot is going to be and

it basically decides what to paint in

there for you so in this case we have a

red background so I want you to exactly

what you did before close your right eye

put your notes directly above the X look

at the X not at the O looking at the X

move your face forward and when you get

to the right position the O will

disappear except this time instead of a

white background you will see there is a

red background and that's because your

brain decided that what's supposed to be

there is red so it painted it in red for

you okay and if that wasn't cool enough

check this out what do we have now as

I've put up on X through our circle I

have two intersecting lines now we're

going to the exact same thing you're

going to put your nose directly above

the X you're going to close your right

eye you're going to move forward and

this time when the circle disappears

what you'll notice is there is an X your

brain completes the X in your blind spot

there is an intersection that you didn't

really see but your brain just decided I

know what's supposed to be there so I'll

show it to you alright let's do it one

last time let's put in a zebra pattern

background do the same thing close your

right eye put your nose over the X move

forward and this time when the circle

disappears you see a zebra pattern that

actually isn't there your brain just

anticipated what should be there it will

not let you know you have blind spots

and I think that's pretty awesome