How to write Notice - Tips of Notice Writing with format and a sample

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hello everyone today let's learn how to

write a notice a notice is an important

piece of information which is meant for

a larger group of people before writing

notice let us know the format first of

all we will write the name of an

organization or institution it can be

any school any government or

non-government body any resident welfare

association or club after it we will

leave a line then we will write the word

notice in all capital letters then we

will write down the date for writing

date we will follow the British format

for example - July 2017 after that we

will write the heading or the topic

about which we are writing notice and

then we will begin writing notice the

whole body of notice contains certain

details we should start the notice in a

proper way for example this is to inform

all the members for students then we

will mention the event or the purpose of

writing notice we should also specify

for whom the notice is meant for the

members of any body or students of any

school we should also mention the time

and date and place of the event certain

instructions or girdle guidelines also

should be mentioned and the deadline or

the last date for submitting any names

for the competition or money that also

should be given in case of any event or

program for example and will function or

any inter school competition date time

and place should be specified separately

like this otherwise for the notices like

inviting entries for school magazine or

inviting names for any competition or

any money we should not make

these things separately in that case we

should mention the deadline for the last

state the notice should be ended

properly for example for further details

contact undersigned

we can also mention the name or the

designation of the person or the phone

number after that we will leave a line

in order to make the notice look neat

then we will write the signature of the

person who is issuing the notice name of

the person if the name is given in the

question or your task we should mention

the name otherwise we should write ABC

designation or post for example had boy

had girl secretary director of any

organization and then we will make the

box of the notice which is very

important there are certain key points

which we should remember for writing

notice we should use formal and polite

language we should not use hello how are

you good morning thank you etcetera we

should use indirect language we should

not make any statement in inverted comma

we should use passive voice as far as

possible for example all the students

are hereby informed for all the members

are requested to attend the meeting you

should not use first and second personal

pronoun for example I me u v sure etc

the notice should be short compact and

precise any unnecessary details should

be avoided substantial difference should

be there between date of issue

notice and it of event and the last

state if the notice is issued on 2nd

July then there should be at least five

six days difference between the event

and for five days difference should be

given for now state we should follow the

word limit usually the word limit is 50

words but it may vary also and we should

follow the word limit which is given in

the question or the task the notice

should be put in a box otherwise you

will lose marks if the note is for a

sample of your school from the student

information should be notice ABC public

school New Delhi because the name of

school is not given in the questions

that is why we will write ABC public

school leaving a line in the world

notice in all capital letters - May 2017

comma is not required science exhibition

the topic which is underlined after

leaving a line this is to make you aware

your make you aware is not right we

should write inform the students that

the school is organizing a science

exhibition for the students of nine to

twelve it will be held from level me to

13 May

May is repeated which is not required 11

to 13 May 2017 the students are invited

to submit their models and projects here

the team also should be given for the

project it can be rainwater harvesting

or something like that the best project

will be felicitated each participant

will receive a participation certificate

here the felicitated world is also wrong

it should be awarded we felicitate the

person each participant will receive a

participation certificate the last date

for submission is it can be the students

are also required to volunteer for the

program for managing the program for any

queries please contact the undersigned

here please is informal word in place of

place we should write kindly but kindly

is also not required signature the name

John which is given in the question

otherwise we can write ABC secretary of

the science club this designation is

also given in the question box is not

made which is very important

if I give marks for this notice I would

give three and half out of five minus

half for incomplete format box has not

made minus half for incomplete content

theme is not mentioned and minus half

for grammatical errors I hope you have

understood the notice and you won't be

committing these errors thank you