The REAL Way to Tell Its a Walkout in FIFA 20! (Pack Animation Explained)

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yo what's going on guys it's your boy

welcome to our first official video

coming out of the FIFA 20 capture event

that's right EA did send me to Amsterdam

to attend the capture event and get this

footage for you guys early so big thank

you to them and of course this video is

brought to you by EA game-changers now

in this video we're gonna be teaching

you how to tell whether it's gonna be a

walk out in your 50 FIFA 20 pack of

course in previous Reapers have been big

tales if there's been little tells to

figure out if you got a walk-on or not a

fever 17 had that most obvious tell

where the game paused before the pack

open FIFA 19 was a bit more subtle with

the text underneath the pack but in FIFA

20 the tell is so small that you might

just miss it in fact we missed it at the

capture man for like the first day or so

I didn't see it I couldn't figure it out

for the life of me but some of the other

youtubers did explain to me and in this

video I'll be explaining it to you now

don't forget to stay to the end of the

video so you can see how you can win a

copy of FIFA 20 altima Edition 12 kpv

points and EA access so you can play the

game early on September 19th that's

gonna be at the end of the video but

right now let's show you how you can get

a walk out just like this here as I pack

a lot cos ed who is 86 will figure out

and break down how that walkout

tell appears as you open the pack but

first let's tell you how to figure out

where there's gonna be a gold non rare

and a gold rare okay so I'm gonna show

you an example of the two packs

side-by-side on the Left we have a gold

rare player pull and on the right we

have a gold non rare player pull and of

course the difference being the rare and

a non rare is that the rare player is

shiny and the non rare is not shiny the

right player is more valuable than the

non rare and I don't know if you can see

the difference being the two it's there

at the start if you look at the door you

know in the middle of the door you got

the pack but if you look to the sides of

the door

they have like a few ridges on both

sides so if it's a rare player pole the

door has ridges on the side if it's a

non rare player pause you can see it

does not have ridges whatsoever it's

completely flat this is actually more

important than you think for EA X is

because you know you do want to be

skipping a lot of these packs if they do

have non rare player poles because those

poles are definitely not that important

you know and with EA access you only

have ten hours to play the game you do

not want to

wasted looking at non-player pool so as

soon as you see the size of the doors

are flat just skip the pack it's not

gonna be a good pack it's gonna be

unknown rare now I know before the

capture of it a lot of people saying

that if it's a walk up then you know the

sides of the door are black but actually

what we found out in the cabinet it

depends on the type of pack for instance

50 k packs that we opened had the doors

that were there were black but if the

sides of the doors are black sorry but

if the doors had folds to it on the side

then it was gonna be a rare play ignore

the color just look at the ridges at the

sides of the door okay so that was

pretty easy to tell whether it's gonna

be a gold non rare and a gold rare now

let's show you what the difference is

between a gold rare and a board which is

usually a card rated between 83 and 85

just like any esta right here who we do

get who plays in the j-league this is

what we call a board let's explain how

to tell if you're gonna get this player

instead of a regular Gold rare alright

so on the left side we do have a board

pole which is a 3 to 85 like I mentioned

and on the right side we have a regular

rare pull that we saw in the previous

example now they look pretty much

identical at the start except of course

the board has to go all the way to the

pitch to show you that it is a board but

there's a bit of a tell at the start of

the pack opening take a look at when the

door opens look at the floor where the

light comes out on the floor if it's a

board you're gonna see there's those two

sharp pieces of the light coming out of

the sides and when it's a board you see

those pieces of light actually surpass

or touch the two lines going in to the

tunnel so especially on the right side

the sharp piece of light passes that

line going through the tunnel if it's

not aboard those pieces of light are not

as sharp and they don't surpass those

two lines going in also if it's just a

regular rare and not a board the light

in the middle of the pack is actually a

bit wider than if it is a board so if

you see like a bigger brighter light in

the middle it's actually not a good pull

but if you see those two sharp pieces of

light coming out on the floor passing

the two lines going in then that means

it's going to be a board and finally now

we're gonna show you how you can tell

if you've got a walkout in your feet for

20-pack so here's where things get a bit

tricky to notice so on the left side we

do have the 83 to 85 overall player

which is known as a board like we

mentioned and on the right side we do

have the walkout player which is usually

86 and above in most cases so 86 overall

above you know the walkout players are

the players that you want the players

they're worth so many coins on the

transfer market especially at the start

of the year which I'll probably make a

video about later before launch of FIFA

20 so we'll play one more time and let

me know oh did you catch it let me know

if you just caught there for the first

time I know it took me ages to figure

out what it was because I've got old man

eyes I mean if you consider 32 old but

it's very very easy to miss on the next

replay I'll break it down but let me

know in the comments again if you did

catch how that first time if you've got

some really really quick eye so here is

what you need to look at to figure if

it's a walk out or not so what you need

to look at is the top of the tunnel see

those two red lights if it's just a

regular board those lights will blink

together and then they'll fade out if

it's a walk out the one light on the

Left will blink on its own one more time

and you know it's a walk out it's very

very subtle again I'm not too sure why

they make it so difficult to figure out

what it's walking out because I find it

more engaging it's more exciting to know

that you're gonna get something good

versus seeing the same thing over and

over again and then you know you get

surprised by a walkout coming up I think

the suspense is what gets me a pack okay

so I'll play one more time in case you

missed it again very easy to miss and

let me know the comments if you do like

that suspense or not so they go look at

the top those two red lights if it's

just a board they blink together if it

is a walkout the light on the left a red

light on the Left will blink one more

time see you can see it right here there

go blink swarm a couple more times

actually it blinks on its own on the

left and that's how you know it's a walk

on hopefully you guys get to see that

light at the top many times at the start

of FIFA 20 because I'm definitely

a lot of people points but you know when

you have exs it's very important to skip

packs and save as much time as possible

so there you guys go that's how you can

figure out whether it's gonna be a

walkout in Europe Aoife 20 packs I'm

gonna win quite a few packs like

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also follow me on make sure we're gonna

be live-streaming a lot of people 20

footage that I have the miner even make

it to any of the YouTube video so you

definitely want to check that out if you

want to see some v4 20 livestream now I

mean in terms of the you know the

caption we had that final version of the

game I mean the pack weights was about

the same I would say as chief of 19 I

can't really tell if it was like a lot

lower a lot higher I felt about the same

I mean my pack life wasn't that great

just like how it was it in FIFA 19 we

didn't really get any icons especially

in this people porn pack opening there

goes 24,000 view points I spent on this

track opening and on the other hand

whose phone actually looks like an

absolute beast oh my god 89 days 7 8

depending heat is gonna be I mean you

could be like over 10k the start point

that is such a good left back and good

links to you can lick them up to a few

players what does leak it has a lot of

good defenders by the way I'll talk

about it in another video but what does

he get some great defenders they got the

two players from Dortmund who linked up

very nicely I think they're both French

and they're gonna have a strongly with

the Roose win or however long sorry

yeah what is it is a very good League to

start off with defense they're attacking

some kind of suspect but yeah back to

the the packs again I would say looking

forward at EA access you know if you are

getting access is available on

PlayStation and Xbox if you are gonna

spend money in FIFA 20 that is the time

to spend it get EA access you can get

for five bucks for just a month or you

can do for 30 bucks for the whole year

but you could just spend that $5.00 and

or five years or so six at five or six

pounds and you get EA access for that

one month because if you do get anything

good drink EE access you're gonna get

the best value because if you buy them

if you pack things on EA access and you

save them for the actual retail alarm so

27 like after that weekend maybe even

the first weekend league which is

usually a couple weeks afterwards who do

we get here

oh I think it's not loss also if you do

save it till then then the price of the

players is a ton it's the highest price

of the players is always at the start of

the game so if you aren't planning on

spending money on packs

I would suggest 12 K 24 K I think I

think 24 K will do you alright you might

get three or two or three really good

poles that might be worth a lot so if

you're gonna spend I suggest bending

like 24 K but you can get through the

entire game without spending any people

definitely possible but as I mentioned

at the start of the video I'm gonna be

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luck at the Safi 4:20 hopefully you guys

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reward packs especially and don't forget

you can play fifa 20 without spending

money on packs or with spending money on

packs it's up to you I think both ways

are gonna lead to a lot of success to

you in a FIFA 20 so I'll see you guys

next I'm don't get to like subscribe and

also hit the bell for more videos coming

to you peace