8 Ways To Spot An Undercover Cop Car

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as police forces bulk up their fleet

with more varied undercover cop cars

it's becoming increasingly difficult to

spot them when they're prowling the

streets and the motorways inspired by a

recent car throttle blog post by

citizens Miller here are eight ways that

you can spot an undercover cop car you

know just in case you ever do 71 in a 70

zone be aware of the list police forces

in the UK like to stick to a particular

list of cars these cars include Skoda

Octavia VRS any Volvo BMW 3-series

5-series and x5 I owned I eye 30 and

ix35 Jaguar XF Mercedes c-class LD a3 a4

a6 and q5 a clean car should ring alarm

bells cops keep their cars clean to keep

police signage and lights visible they

also keep their cars clean because as

representatives of the law they need to

set a good example that's why it's

always a good idea to drive five under

the limit when you spot a normal-looking

car that you can see your own reflection

in standard issue number plates if the

car you're suspicious of has a

personalised number plate and just

ignore it police don't have the budget

or the need to change their number

plates and anyway only douchebags have

personalized number plates to people in

the car undercover police officers

rarely travel alone therefore if the car

in question has two people in it then

you should be on high alert strange gray

panels by the front grille gray panels

could easily be mistaken as radar-guided

cruise control or anti crash technology

in the grille but they're usually glossy

if you've seen matte grey panels and

they're probably the housings for

flashing blue and red lights and that's

probably a good sign for you to ease off

the throttle driving stereotypes another

good way for you to spot an undercover

cop car is by remembering stereotypes if

for example you're on the motorway and

the Audi driver behind you is

maintaining l/d distance then you can be

sure that he's not a cop

that's because cops are skilled and

courteous drivers who would never dream

of tailgating if on the other hand you

see a BMW touring cruising at 70 in the

middle lane then the chances are pretty

good that its occupants are officers of

the law like the other points on this

list this one is of course not absolute

but it should raise your eyebrows a busy

dash or bright interior a bright and

busy interior is a great undercover cop

giveaway that's because police need all

sorts of computers radio scanners and

cameras which emit a lot of light

especially at night during the day it's

also quite easy to see equipment hanging

below the rearview mirror or peeking

over the dash a low ride height when

these cars carry a lot of gear at all

including signage cones lights a shovel

in a broom a tow rope jump leads foil

blankets and first-aid kits so their

ride heights will be slightly lower than

normal if the rear seats appear empty

but the car looks like it's carrying a

heavy load you can bet on it being an

undercover cop car of course you must

always obey local traffic laws and keep

faster driving to the race tracks and

remember cops are the good guys so don't

get butthurt when an undercover BMW

busts you for driving too fast the fact

that car thatíll Android app is out now

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bikini pictures on Instagram

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