How to Tell if Your Automatic Transmission is Bad

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rev up your engines, today I'm gonna talk about a very important problem, how to

tell if your automatic transmission is actually starting to go out, now the

automatic transmissions in most modern cars are very complex, they're computer

run, most don't even have dip sticks to check the fluid level, so how do you know

when they're starting to go out, now years ago I had a customer who came to me

from a different mechanic, the other mechanic had replaced the transmission

in his car, but it still had the same problem, at higher speeds the

transmission would drop out of top gear and go to the next lower gear, and it

wasn't shifting right, he thought it was the transmission so he replaced it and

guess what, it did the same thing, so when he brought it to me I first did a scan

of the whole vehicle, turns out that he had a misfire, all he had was a bad

ignition coil on one of the cylinders of the engine, and you might think hey what

is a bad spark plug coil have to do with the transmission shifting, well modern

cars are very complex, they have a really tight relationship between the engine

and the transmission and the drivetrain, it's all monitored by computer sensors

and in this particular vehicle, when it senses a misfire, the computer software

automatically takes it out of the top gear which was an overdrive gear and

puts it into the next one, it's designed to do that, so in this case previous

mechanic charged this guy for a new transmission, when all's it needed was an

$80.00 ignition coil that was the whole problem, now you don't want to pay for

such an unneeded expensive repair it was thousands of dollars, so I'm going to