How to test your Thyroid at home

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hello I'm examining my patients neck as

a part of a thyroid examination between

your doctor visits you can check your

thyroid at home by performing a simple

neck check to do this all you need is a

glass of water and a mirror can you take

a sip of water what you see is the

thyroid going up and then down the more

you do this at home the more familiar

you will get with what you're seeing

which is the movement of the thyroid and

what it looks like contact your doctor

if you see changes in shape or size my

patients often ask me to describe the

thyroid and what it does the thyroid is

a small gland found at the base of the

neck it sits in front of the windpipe

and is made up of two section one to the

left and one to the right joined in the

middle by a little tissue think of the