Dr. Oz Teaches Testicular Cancer Self-Check At Home In 3 Easy Steps | TODAY

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we mentioned this morning we're

launching no shape today to raise

awareness for men's health we're gonna

be growing out our facial hair

throughout the month of November we've

also partnered with dr. oz to highlight

some important issues first up

testicular cancer dr. oz good morning

good to see you good morning let's get

it out of the way right off the bat

there are people who hear testicular

cancer men they get embarrassed they

don't want to talk about it it deals

with a part of the body that they're

uncomfortable about I think 55% of

people men said this embarrasses them

how do we change that we change it by

getting them to think differently about

the problems I get it I tell my audience

tell my patients all the time you got to

be the world expert in your body men shy