Top 3 Warning Signs Your Home Has Termites

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hey Mike with real pest control here and

are you concerned that you might have

termites in your home or maybe do you

think that you could have them well

today's video I'm going to go through

the top three warning signs you're gonna

see if you have termites in your home


now one thing to really understand is

that termites can be very difficult to

spot if you have issues in your home and

it's very important to get a pest

control service involved if you run into

termites and to have your home regularly

inspected for termites as well because

again a lot of these warning signs you

might see but at the same time if you

see them it might be too late there

might be a lot of damage already done

now termites do actually billions of

dollars of damage every single year

across the u.s. so again once they get

in you really want to get them out quick

and what happens as well is one of the

biggest problems with termite issues is

that for the most part where they do

damage is more often than not hidden

throughout your home so you might not

see the warning signs right away and

again like I said if you do it might be

too late because they could be doing

damage as well but the sooner you get

them out the better because as I've said

they do thousands of dollars of damage

routinely so getting rid of them early

is key so first thing that you really

want to look for one top warning sign is

discarded wings you actually might not

know it but termites do have wings they

just get rid of them right away so what

happens is they'll go from one colony or

one nest or one area and then they're

gonna fly to another usually it's not

too far away but what happens is once

they land and they decide they're gonna

build a new colony actually get rid of

their wings so they discard them they

leave them behind and because they're

never going to need them again right

they're just gonna focus on building

that new colony that new location a new

home and so they get rid of their wings

and it's interesting they actually do it

in a single-file basis as termites go

from one place to another so you're

gonna probably see a big stack of wings

big pile of wings that they're

discarding as they're burrowing in and

creating that new home

so that's one warning sign you want to

be on the lookout for is discarded wings

from termites now another key factor you

want to look out for and a key warning

sign is going to be mud tubes and so an

interesting thing that you might not

know about termites is they have very

thin skin and what happens is they can

dehydrate and dry out very easily they

really need to live in a super humid

environment so again a lot of times this

is why you're gonna see termite issues

more so in the southern states across

the u.s. rather than northern States but

you can still obviously get them in

different areas as well but what happens

is they need to live in a very humid

environment so for the most part people

really experience termite issues in

their foundations in their basements or

in their cellars that's usually where

these termite issues start and then they

can move throughout your home from there

because they need to be in that human

environment and if they aren't they can

die very quickly so what they'll do is

they'll create these mud tubes and

they're basically tunnels that they can

walk through that kind of maintain that

human environment for them and keep them

safe so if you see these mud tubes again

along your foundation you know they're

gonna be about pencil-sized and there's

little brown tubes going around your

house and so what happens this doesn't

necessarily mean that they're they're

active right now but there's a simple

way that you can check and see if there

are termites active in these mud tubes

you just want to break off the middle of

the tube and so either termites are

gonna start coming out of that tube or

you can check back in a day or so and

see if that tube has been rebuilt

because again if it has the only way

that that's gonna happen is if termites

are active and they rebuilt that that

tunnel that mud tube there as well so

it's gonna help transport them from

their nest to different food locations

and back through their homes so again if

you're seeing these that's a sure

warning sign that you might have

termites in your home so again if you're

seeing these you suspect any activity

for sure reach out to a pest control

service is like I said they can do lots

of damage the third warning sign is

almost the hardest to spot but it's one

of the most common ones and that's gonna

be wood damage itself now termites feed

on this wood

they burrow through it to look for food

sources and what happens is it can

actually weaken the structures of a home

so they can do a little holes in it

they throw little tunnels throughout it

you can look almost like mazes

throughout the wood the the big problem

though is that for the most part it's

hidden behind your walls so you might

not really know it's there and so a

couple of warning signs that you can see

that there might be possible wood damage

from termites

you might see little teeny holes in

drywall that they've gone through again

they usually burrow from the inside of

the wood out so sometimes it's hard to

even see that there's a problem and

again if it's behind your wall even more

so but you can actually knock on the

woods and see if it's Hollow

that's one warning sign that you might

have termite damage if you see little

maze-like patterns in your wood floors

or on wood furniture on your walls

that's another sure sign that you could

have termites in your home as well you

might see saggy floorboards or really

off-center they're extremely squeaky

floorboards that could be another sign

that there is termite damage that those

boards might be Hollow and be having

termite activity inside of it as well so

again though if you try and discover

this on your own a lot of times it's

very difficult you might have to take

off chunks your wall to try and find it

I'm a trained inspector for termites can

have options where they can start to

detect termites without necessarily

having to tear down your wall different

things like that so again if you are

suspecting any sort of issue we've

really recommend reaching out to a pest

control service and having your home

inspected for termites this really plays

a big role as well if you're trying to

sell your home or if you're getting a

new home if you're selling your home

it's very important to again have this

done have this home looked over for

termites before you try and sell because

again it could lead to costly repairs

thousands of dollars of repairs and this

could lead to you lowering the value of

your home or if you're in mid selling

process and you wait till the end of

this happen it could blow the deal it

could cost you thousands of dollars in

repairs before it goes back on the


costing you a lot of time and had

and hassles have your home routinely

checked for termites on a yearly basis

to make sure that you don't have any

issues going on with termites and if you

see any of these warning signs for sure

immediately reach out to a pest control

service and again you're buying a home

make sure that you have this done as

well before you buy because again

there's a lot of hidden issues that you

might not see there's because you don't

see those termites or see these warning

signs doesn't mean they're actually

there because again they do like to go

in very hidden places underneath the

walls things that you don't normally see

so they might be missed so again for

sure have your home inspected for

termites if you suspect any issues and

do that on a regular basis as well to

prevent any issues and potentially

thousands of dollars of damage around

your home but again if you're concerned

about termites be sure to look out for

these top three warning signs of those

discarded wings those mud tubes and then

potential wood damage as well to find

out if you possibly have issues and

again have that checked out right away

so hopefully you guys got some benefit

and value out of this video if you did

feel free to comment and share and if

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