How to perform a DIY termite inspection

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you know everyone when we hear from

trusted pest management coming out to

you for a how to do a termite inspection

we are in the beautiful city of Brisbane

and today I'm going to walk you through

how we're at trusted do termite

inspections on your home

this also is a video to give you the

information that you can use to actually

check out your own home so bid please

feel free to use this information like

it share it but also empower you to

inspect your own home if you're a pest

controller and you're watching this

video this is how we do things everyone

has a different way but this is over my

20 years of experience what I've learned

so I've got my trusty cameraman with me

and we're going to work check out this

house so I like to move clockwise with

my termite inspections just so I guess