How to tell if you have split ends for NATURAL HAIR

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hey clamp em Linwood here today I have

some quick tips for you because I have

quite a few people who are constantly

asking questions about natural hair and

their hair being dry things like that

and it's something I noticed not only

with my clients but I noticed here on

YouTube as well as with other stylists

so to me if I like it needed to sit down

what I want to cover here is just

talking about the idea of split ends in

natural hair what they do have the act

and how to know how to take care of that

hair because often times I see people

confuse dryness and split ends in

natural hair and it's not okay it leads

to people having way more of their hair

cut than they need to and it causes them

to never release e.length growth or

retention in their hair their hair

doesn't grow past a certain length and