Cut Your Own Hair Tips, How To Trim Split Ends & Add Layers by Curt Darling

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new videos every day hi thanks for

joining us I'm Kurt and this is star and

we are here to share with you today some

hair maintenance in between haircuts so

that's right we're actually going to

share how you can potentially give your

hair a little trim without too much fear

and maybe remove a few split ends and

take away some of the damaged areas in

between haircuts so what I'd like to

suggest first of all is just taking a

section perhaps an inch across given the

hair twist so by twisting the hair you

start to reveal these little split ends

and you can just kind of take your time

and start to literally just one by one

take some of those split ends away and

you'll be surprised sometimes right the

way up the hair shaft you'll find some

shorter lengths around the hairline some

of the hair doesn't grow very long it

gets finer and so those hairs don't

quite make it all the way so just give

it a twist and analyze through where is

the little splits taking place and go

ahead and trim those off have you ever

done this kind of thing here your ends

it's actually pretty awesome to get in

the middlings because unless a

hairstylist actually does this they'll

trim your ends but they won't get in

there and there are many there are many

shorter hairs that that never make it

long enough and they start splitting

early on and then finally if you want to

remove say the last inch of hair which

is not really doesn't even seem like an

inch because it gets finer and finer

toward the ends so you can just hold it

at the very end and then I would ask you

to take the join of the blade not the

very tips which could just cut it right

off which is not the biggest deal in the

world but just in the sake of having

some control use the join place that

right in toward the last inch and then I

just gently wiggle the blade as I slide

downward and so then I can actually

safely remove an inch of hair and the

idea is is that strand unravels the cut

is very soft and natural it's not like

an obvious hard line nobody wants to

start cutting up their hair and creating

hard lines so this creates that softness

and the lovely thing is is that all of

the split ends are gone and this is the

type of thing that will allow you to

have beautiful healthy

hair in between haircuts

with the join of the blades put that

join of the blade in there and wiggle

gently and what you find is you remove a

nice inch of hair that's very dry and

then as that unravels very softly you

have no more split ends so it's actually

been several months since Star actually

had a trim so I'm going to share this

technique now give her a try see if this

is something that that can work for her

okay so first of all you grab that

section along the temple that's right

and then start to go ahead and twist

that up quite tight and you're going to

be holding it quite taut toward the

bottom yeah so you can go down and hold

it toward the bottom that's it there you

go that's really the way to do it there

you go

and go as low as you can so you can

start to reveal some of those some of

those bad ends that's it okay and then

you can just start to have a look and

gosh this one's just split in half right

there you can just start to trim away as

you like so a little trimming of the

split ends at home and then finally once

you've taken away those those various

ends that you have then when you get to

the last say three-quarters of an inch

just to be safe and star will go at it

with the the join of the blade so you

can see right at the join that's where

she's attacking and starting to wiggle

the blades gently as she pushes downward

and that creates sort of a beveled

quality on there that she's cut now look

at that she's cut an inch off her hair

now is this the first time you've ever

cut an inch off your own head yeah okay

so round of applause for star and that

is a wonderful way to remove some of

that damaged area in between her visits

okay thanks so much for watching we hope

you've enjoyed these hair cutting tips

please give us the thumbs up if you like

this let us know what else you'd like to

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see you on my sidecar darling calm