How to Spot a Rip Current

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rip currents occur on most Australian

beaches they are a strong force and at

times can be difficult to see you might

think you know how to spot a rip but the

fact is 70% of people can't and two out

of three people who think they can

support a rip get it wrong sometimes

with deadly consequences here's how a

rip forms when waves break on a beach

they push water towards the shoreline

once that water reaches the shore has to

find a way to get back out to sea so it

flows into the deeper channels and away

from the shore these deeper channels are

called rip currents or rips here are

some examples of rips they can behave

and flow in different ways they can be

found against headlands

sometimes they flow directly out to sea

they can also flow at an angle

all the current may circulate back to