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everyone welcome back to observe are you




okay for today's body language tip is

fairly well known but it's going to be

the precursor the the first step into a

little miniseries I don't know I hate

using that term miniseries because half

the time I don't end up finishing it but

hopefully I'm gonna be doing a series of

videos on the eyes and the body language

of the eyes if you remember a few weeks

back months back a while back I did a

video on directional IQs to where if

somebody's looking in a different

direction or in a certain direction

they're supposed to be recollecting a

certain type of memory and once again I

said you know take that with a grain of

salt it's not necessarily true it can be

true but it's not necessarily true in

today's video I'm gonna go over

something that's a little bit more

commonly known but like I said it's just

gonna be laying a foundation for the

rest of these which maybe there's some

that you haven't heard of maybe you've

heard of all of them then cool that's

very cool

but that topic is going to be the pupil

dilation and constriction

now when somebody the the way that this

works is that when somebody is

interested fascinated attracted to or in

general enjoys a certain thing their

eyes will dilate the pupils will become

much larger when the opposite of that

happens when their unattracted when

they're repulsed by when they're

disgusted by or afraid of or feel

threatened by their pupils will

constrict become smaller and the reason

for this is is that inside our brains

it's subconsciously wired to protect

ourselves so when we're interested by

something or find something to be

flattering or Pleasant our eyes open up

and this is both physically and also

subconsciously with your pupils they

they dilate this allows more light in it

allows you to see better see clearer

however when you're threatened by

something or fine

being unattractive anything like that

they will constrict back down and this

is to protect well basically you the

internals of your body because your

pupil is a little hole that's facing

straight into the middle of your head

and it's it's a weakness and now if your

eyes constrict this I mean don't get me

wrong you're not going to be like oh

well my eyes constricted so I am

invincible like I don't know if you were

thinking that you really have to

re-evaluate yourself but it's still that

mindset that when your pupils constrict

it's a matter of it's a smaller bowl

rather than being big and dilated it's a

smaller mold to be able to to have

anything threatening intrude or anything

like this this can be subconsciously so

say a lady is talking to a guy and the

guys just I don't know the guy's just a

jerk or he's way overbearing or he's way

aggressive chances are her if she's not

attracted to that for some reason then

her eyes will actually constrict and and

that'll be a self conscious effort of

her body attempting to protect her

however on the opposite end of that if

she really enjoys the guy he's got a

great personality I don't know then her

eyes will actually dilate now something

that's cool about this is that's why

romantic dinners work so fantastically

well in candlelight because it's already

dim so so the eyes are already beginning

to dilate to adjust for the fact that

they don't have as much light to work

with and our minds are actually

subconsciously kind of trained to pick

up on this dilation of another person's

eyes whether or not we realize it so

most of the time we'll find out that a

person whose eyes are dilated while

looking at us seems to be a little bit

more attractive to us than a person who

has constricted eyes now the way this

can be played out and actually in

literature is that somebody who has a

doughy hugh's doughy ID toward somebody

means that their eyes are dilated

whereas if they have beady little eyes

is always a negative common connotation

because it is well bad and then that's

kind of gonna be our foundation our

layer for this entire little blossoming


I don't know some some sort of metaphor

word picture thing about the eyes so

look at somebody's eyes it's really

actually pretty hard to catch this

because it feels really awkward to just

stare right into somebody's eyes unless

you're intentionally one enamoured with

each other or you're trying to make them

feel uncomfortable but but prolonged eye

contact is usually fairly awkward just

in general but not being said prolonged

eye contact can also be very very

revealing so figure out a way to balance

it because if you're just moving your

entire time looking into people's eyes

they won't appreciate that which will

make their eyes constrict so try to try

to balance it but also pay a lot of

attention to the eyes because they're

very very key and they're very very very

useful and body language reading

although it's so slight so slight it can

it can be a fraction of an inch like a

give you millimeters of difference just

so slight difference of of pupil size

but that's all that I've got for the day

if you enjoyed the video go ahead and

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and you have been really really awesome

as always and I will see you in the next