Is the protein in my urine due to kidney disease? [Viewer Question]

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is the protein in my urine due to the

proteins that I eat or due to chronic

kidney disease in this video I will

answer that question stay tuned

hi my name is Magda Casa nada and I'm a

certified nephrology nurse and an

integrative nutrition health coach and

I'm also the director of Utopia health

Career Center where we specialize in

training and education around kidney

failure so I am starting a series of

videos where I am going to be answering

questions that have been sent to me from

people that have questions about kidney

failure and their results and their

kidneys and in a daily basis I receive

many many emails it's difficult for me

to answer all of the emails one by one

but in an effort to try to go through

all of these questions I am going to

create videos and I am going to post