What are the Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer? | Cancer Research UK

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as the most common cancer in men

understanding prostate cancer is vital

so I've come to Cambridge University

Hospital to speak with dr. Vincent's

Nana pro kasam to find out how they go

about diagnosing this common cancer

well Vincent's prostate cancer is

notoriously difficult to diagnose isn't

it indeed and in fact prostate cancer

most often has no symptoms a man might

go to his GP because he has noticed a

change in his urinary symptoms getting

up at night maybe or having difficulty

passing water and most often that's due

to a normal enlargement of the prostate

as he gets older

in fact prostate cancer doesn't cause

any symptoms unless is very advanced in

which case it might mimic some of those

symptoms of an obstructed or large

prostate but if there are any concerns