How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again

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I'm standing in a bed of poison ivy it's

all around my feet I have a large vine

on my right have another large vine in

my left I have a deadline right here

that dead vine probably still contains

URIs y'all that's the nasty oil and

poison ivy that will give you a rash

I'm not afraid at this points 90 because

I understand how poison ivy works if you

understand how poison ivy works you

never need to get a serious rash again

for the rest of your life I learned how

to prevent it without buying silly

expensive products with pictures of

poison ivy on the container you can - I

have nothing to gain from telling you

this except to help you stay healthy and

happy and unafraid of the woods with my

knowledge from 25 years as a scientist

studying inflammation of the skin eight

years of working in the woods after