How to Download Tax Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency | CRA | PDF Document

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hey guys in today's video we're gonna be

looking at your CRA account so it's just

going to google and type the CRA and the

very first thing you will see is Canada

Revenue Agency that's the right one you

have to go to it's very important that

you look at this that it does come from

cannot see a so that's how you know

you're going to legit website so we're

gonna click right there and again to

make sure this is legit because

everything could look legit but it could

be one of those fake ones just look up

here and make sure this looks like so so

as long as says that Canada ei Revenue

Agency you're in the right website once

you're there just scroll down and you

will see down here

sign in to CRA account so we're gonna

sign in once we do that again we have to

scroll down you're gonna see my account

my business account or represent a

client at this point we're gonna go into

my personal one so we're gonna go into

my account and even if you guys have a

business you guys can still go into my

account your personal account just

scroll down once again and down here

below we're gonna see sign-in with

partner login or we can go right into

your CRA login which is what I like to

use so that's just using your login

credentials so we're gonna go right

there once we click there we should see

this please wait and finally we're gonna

see the login so I'm just gonna zoom in

a little bit so the very first part is

gonna be your ID and then your password

so your ID is not your email address by

the way it's ID you created so whatever

username you guys have and then password

once you put in your username and

password down here below you will see on

the left hand side login after that it

might ask you a secondary question in

order to get in for some of you and then

finally you will come in to this page if

you scroll down just a little bit you

will see your tax returns plus your

assessment so in this case we're gonna

be looking at our assessment Plus this

is where you could go ahead and pay up

any income tax balance that you guys

have so once again I'm gonna zoom in

just a little bit and our first option

will be to view our notice of assessment

this is the same thing whichever notice

of assessment that you

at the moment scroll down a little bit

where you're gonna see your payment's so

this is where you could pay your income

tax balance so this is how much I have

to pay right now and I can go ahead and

proceed to pay of course I don't have to

do it from here I can log into my bank

account and just do it from there but

for now I'm just gonna be looking at my

assessment so I want to look at that so

I'm gonna go right into it once I'm here

I can see my assessment so I can see

everything that's due when I have to pay

it in my entire summary so I can keep

scrolling down however most of you will

want a PDF of this so in that case let's

just go back so on the top left-hand

corner just click to go back once we are

back in the middle we should see view

mail and that's where we can get our PDF

right away so click on that Middle where

it says view mail and right here if we

scroll down a little bit more down we

will see right here are print formats

which is PDF so the latest one that I

have is this one right here PDF so I can

just click right there and when I click

there I should see a message something

like this from using Safari I can just

allow and it should start downloading

that PDF how can I check it for it

downloaded the PDF well on the top right

hand corner I should see something like

this click on it and I'm gonna see my

notice of assessment which is my

downloads folder at this point in time

if you're using Chrome for example

Google Chrome then you will click on the

bottom left-hand side you will see all

your downloads however right now you

guys can just go right into your

downloads folder and check out that PDF

from here we're always gonna see on the

left hand side top left hand side going

back to overview so if you would like to

see more of your Kenneth revenue

information and do everything go right

into here going to order you and you

guys can get started right there

anyways that would be it for this

introduction video if you have any

questions comments you guys can write

down here and comments area don't forget

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