How to Download Tax Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency | CRA | PDF Document

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hey guys in today's video we're gonna be

looking at your CRA account so it's just

going to google and type the CRA and the

very first thing you will see is Canada

Revenue Agency that's the right one you

have to go to it's very important that

you look at this that it does come from

cannot see a so that's how you know

you're going to legit website so we're

gonna click right there and again to

make sure this is legit because

everything could look legit but it could

be one of those fake ones just look up

here and make sure this looks like so so

as long as says that Canada ei Revenue

Agency you're in the right website once

you're there just scroll down and you

will see down here

sign in to CRA account so we're gonna

sign in once we do that again we have to