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okay hello everybody

in this video I really want to touch on

a surefire way for you to figure out how

you know that your hair is grown so that

this isn't a guessing game you can find

out right away if what you're doing is

progressing you towards your goal or is

it taking you away from your goal and

this is really important because this is

what I needed in the beginning of my

hair journey to understand that what I

was doing was actually working and

you're able to understand that what

you're doing is working at least each

month and growing yet here is very

mathematical this is no guessing game

you don't have to guess if your hair is

growing you don't have to see on your

body part says this is actually what I

do for my form I send your visas to make

sure that I just want rack to grow in my

hair so the first thing you're gonna

need and the only thing you're gonna

need is a thicker a soft measuring tape

and this one I have is really long but

they have ones that are real small and a

little winding thing if you can find

that but this time around I had to use

this and what I do with this and this is

what I used to do every month the first

thing after I relaxed what I used to do

is I used to measure my new growth how

can you tell what your new growth you

can tell your new growth because your

new growth is a lot thicker than the

rest of your hair and it's a more puffy

I mean you could just tell it's your

hair you know what your new growth looks

like even if you get a blown out even if

you get a roller set whatever you can

still tell what is the new growth and

what I used to do is I used to take this

and I used to measure my new growth now

if your new growth doesn't fit on this

tape measure

what I used to do is I used to take my

finger and I used to put my finger from

on my scalp and I used to take note on

where my new growth stops so let's say

it stopped like you know the middle of

my fingertip then I would measure my

finger and usually it was a half an inch

a month so then but before that what I

would do is this is how I measure my

hair I will put the tape measure tip

starting right where my hairline begins

and then I will bring that all the way

back and I was stretched my hair down

and then I will put my finger right

where that stopped and then I would

measure where my hair was that so that

and then I will write this down I would

be I had a journal and everything I had

goals planned out I was like okay my

hair grows half an inch a month so by

the time June gets here that's three

inches you know I used to plant it out

like that and there's a way to find out

if you're on track so let's say from the

beginning of getting my hairline down to

there that measured at 28 inches and

this is how I started off with my my

hair journey I know other people measure

their hair differently and that's fine

but this is what works for me all right

so when I first started my hair journey

I was like a 20 measuring it the way I

just did it I was like at 20 so each

month I should have gotten to a half an

inch but the only difference was I used

to cut my split ends so that would be

probably like a half of a half of an

inch or fourth of an inch or eighth of

an inch or whatever it is so you have to

take that into consideration as well so

what I want you to do this month is to

measure your hair from this point to

you grab the you know the longest piece

and you grab it up to that point right

so you measure it you write it down and

when you write it down make sure you do

it probably the same day the next month

you go to the next month and you re

measure your here again now what you

first to again is measured your new

growth whatever comes in here should add

one to here so it's a simple left like I

said one should equal one but if this

didn't come here something happened here

and this is why I always focus on care

of you here because more than likely

this isn't the problem your hair is

growing it's just that we don't know how

to keep it on here so whatever products

you use or whatever technique you're

going to immediately know if it's

working enough within a month because

even if you're here only grew a quarter

inch a month that quarter inch should

reflect on its way down here just I

really really hope this makes sense

because this is what I started doing

from the very beginning and this is what

I needed to do every month in the

beginning to ensure that what I was

doing was working and to ensure that

what I was doing was something that I

should continue to do and I know that

some women out there getting some

products and they're using it for like

six months

to see if it works there's no you

shouldn't have to wait six months to

find out if something is working or not

you should know at least within a month

if this is something that has changed

the overall health of your hair it

shouldn't take too long for a product to

make your hair to look good and I don't

you know guys I don't promote products

because all I use is coconut oil but if

you choose to use products you should

know at least within a month if it's


if it's not going if it's going three to

six months and you're still using this

product and you're not sure it's working

the more likely it's not working because

the ultimate care for your hair your

hair should start looking shinier and

vibrant and healthier within

one maybe two watches and two watches is

pushing it because that no case you're

hit with dry at locations you're here

look you know unhealthy it shouldn't

have to kick in three months if you use

something that takes three months to

kick in then I don't know more power to

you but this is a surefire way to know

if your hair is growing

it's simple math it's simple one equals

one down here if one girls in here it

has two broke down here so just keep

measuring it and keep you know grabbing

your hair to the point where you can you

know pull it to a nice point and measure

your hair and keep doing that okay let's

get it yeah I can get it come on let's

go this here is real simple just get all

the difficult stuff happy okay I know I

love you and I really really really

really hope this helps okay