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hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel my name is nate if you're new

thank you guys so much for clicking on

this video

today's manifestation Wednesday video is

going to be on a Friday obviously I

apologize my boyfriend took me to

Chicago and I wasn't expecting it if I

knew about the trip I definitely want to

film this before and had it up on

Wednesday so my apologies first and

foremost but happy Friday

today's video is going to be about other

people's vibrations affecting yours

there's nothing worse than being in such

a great high vibe mood and then someone

comes along and you just think that your

vibration skyrockets down because of

their mood or their energy and it's

affection on you so I'm gonna be sharing

with you guys for tips on how to not let

other people's energies affect your

vibration so the first tip that I have

and not letting other people affect your

energy is to take ownership for your

feelings and your thoughts you create

your own reality not other people you

cannot rely on other people to create

your reality for you by giving you what

you want or worrying that they can keep

you from what you want to cannot put

blame on other people for your reality

that is not the case you are the owner

of your reality so putting the blame on

other people just actually lowers your

vibration in the process you cannot put

blame on other people other things or

other situations because you're not

getting what you want in life the blame

aspect is such low vibration you cannot

have blame in your life you have to

honestly bite the bullet and take the

ownership for it and say you know what

I've created this reality if I don't

like it I need to start shifting some

things and focusing on different things

rather than negative sources ownership

and taking responsibility for your

actions and your reality has a really

high vibration rather than the blame

it's kind of like when you have negative

thoughts I've explained this before it's

not a bad thing when you realize that

you're having negative thoughts and you

can analyze your thoughts and

identifying them as a negative thought

that's actually a really really good

thing and you should give thanks and

show gratitude for it so if you are

blaming other people for your reality or

blaming other situations for your

reality once you take ownership in that

don't feel that because you thought you

were blaming other people that you just

lowered your vibration the fact that you

recognized it and you shifted it over

and took ownership for it raises your

vibration it's so much in the process

and you can move on to the next step of

becoming more self-aware and how to

better analyze those situations and not

put blame on other people so the second

tip that I have is to not take anything

personally this kind of coincides with

the first tip if someone is giving

something to you like negative energy

and negative vibrations negative

comments you cannot take these things

personally once you start taking these

things personally you think that their

actions are a result of how you are

behaving or your presence in the first

place and that's not the case you cannot

take anything that anyone else says

personally because how they act as an

inner reflection of who they truly are

even if they say you are the cause of

this the fact of them putting blame on

you that's something internally that

they're struggling with and you cannot

take that personally the only thing that

you can take personally is the things

that you bring out to the universe and

the things that you do once you start

taking things personally your vibration

and your self-confidence will just

skyrocket down I've actually read this

in a couple of books like self-help

books is that once you start taking

things personally it's just downhill

from that once you start analyzing

people's thoughts and behaviors and

recognizing that it has nothing to do

with you it's actually just an internal

reflection of who they are then you

start not taking things personally and

everything that people do or say you're

not being affected by it because you no

longer feel that you're connected to it

in any type of way which you're not the

third third attempt that I have is to

look internally rather than externally a

lot of times people look at the external

world and they think that they have

caused this or they are being affected

by it but really everything that's

outside that's happening in your

external reality is going to happen no

matter what it's how you interpret and

analyze in your perspective on these

things that show who you truly are based

on your inside so instead of rather

looking at the things that are happening

around you the negative energy that you

think that people are bringing to you or

lowering your vibration look internally

and analyze your thoughts rather than

the outside world again it's like kind

of not taking things personally you are


your inner feelings in your inner world

and seeing how you are seeing this

external world through your internal

world if that makes any sense at all

the outside world triggers whatever is

inside of us so if something happens to

me and you we are going to perceive it

in two different ways because our

experiences and the way that we think

and analyze our thoughts we are going to

interpret that two different ways so

instead of looking at the external world

that is happening to everyone and

everything look at your perspective look

at your feelings in your mood and see

how it reflects based on the external

world see how the outside world is

affecting your internal world go deep

inside because the external world is not

the cause of your feelings the cause of

your feelings is something going on in

your mind so if you're feeling negative

vibration or negative energy based on

someone else's situation or the people

around you you need to go inside and

figure out why am I feeling this way why

is it lowering my vibration and how can

I shift this and change internally

that's the only thing that you have

control of is your internal stuff in

your internal world and when you shift

that internal world you're going to

shift the outside world not physically

the way that you perceive it and the

fourth and final tip is that what you

see is a reflection on who you are just

like I said about other people whatever

they do and whatever they put out into

the universe as a reflection on who they

are and vice versa so whatever you're

feeling inside is a reflection of how

you feel about yourself so if you are

getting mad at someone for telling you

the law of attraction isn't real and its

bunch of bull whatever something inside

of you is telling you that the law of

attraction is real or it's a bunch of

bull if you are thinking that way

because obviously the fact that you are

getting angry about it or your vibration

is lowering because of it something

inside is not right when someone says

that you need to go deep inside see what

you're feeling why are you feeling this

way and analyze your feelings you can

ask yourself why am I upset with that

and then just literally keep asking why

why why why until you get to the bottom

source and then you're like you know

what I thought I was confident with the

law of attraction but maybe I am taking

things personally and letting people

affect me because I have some inner

struggle with the law of attraction

and confidence issues maybe because I

don't know I don't like people judging

me or something like that

whenever someone lowers your vibration

look at yourself analyze your feelings

and see why am i reflecting like this

why am I getting this specific mood

towards the situation and how can I make

it better and you can do that by

noticing your mood and noticing your

feelings and asking why why why why

until you get to the bottom source of it

change that bottom source into a

positive thought and shift it from a

negative source of anger and resentment

or something because of your past or

whatever it is that is making you feel

this way and shift it over into a

positive light and every time someone

says that you can say that positive

thought after you do not just raise your

vibration name three things that you're

grateful for find the good in the

situation find that you are analyzing

this and that you are overcoming this

and you're not letting other people

affect your energy because you are going

deeper inside of yourself and the

reflection on what you're bringing is

actually shifting and changing in the

process it's going to take a little bit

of work but I know that you can do it

because I have been in those situations

before multiple times or like I know

something is just like off because I'm

getting pissed about someone or

something is annoying me because of

something that they're doing and I need

to go inside internally and just figure

out why the hell I'm feeling this way

and how I can change it whenever I'm

upset or angry it's something inside it

has nothing to do with the other people

around you it's all stems from in your

mind and your thoughts and how you

analyze and interpret yourself and the

world your self-awareness so I really

hope that you guys got something out of

these four tips if you did please let me

know and if you guys have any tips for

me on this situation let me know as well

cuz I'm learning from you just as much

as you guys are learning from me if you

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