How to detect negative energy in your home

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hi everybody today I'm going to show you

something really interesting and it's

worked for me over these 10 years so it

may help you and it's something that I

call a thermometer for negative and

positive energy and there isn't really a

thermometer you can use but there is

something very very special about what

I'm about to show you say hello to a

common lemon mm-hmm

not so common when you start to find out

exactly why they're so amazing for some

reason lemons have the ability to pick

up on negative energy in any room and

what happens is the the fresh lemon that

you will buy if your room is of good

energy then the lemon will stay exactly

as it is in fact I have thousands of

lemons that have been in this room and

they've grown old very nicely and

they've gone to a really lovely sea and