12 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching The Office

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it may have been over five years since

the US version of the office came to a

close all seven years

if you'd rather ignore the final two

seasons and yet the show remains

massively popular everyone watching this

video has probably seen the entire thing

at least twice before and just hearing

the opening theme will probably have you

jonesing for yet another fix there are

enough great episodes to ensure that it

doesn't grow stale and spending time

with these characters is simply a joy

it's just a lovely Kofa blanket we

watching the show does offer other

advantages too though it's not just

great to see Jim and Pam fall in love

all over again laughs it might cause

behavior cry it is exit and enjoy the

multitude of pranks but the show is

packed full of small yet brilliant

details that you're likely to miss the

first time round all the second third of

all for that matter because of that

there's always a reason to come again

and yep that's what she said

I'm Josh multicom and these are 12 small

details you only notice rewatching the

office number 12 the water is dyed green

on st. Patrick's Day and Michael has the

wrong flag the officers six seasons are

a big celebration of st. Patrick's Day

which we're told is one of the most

popular holidays in Scranton hey if it's

popular in New Castle of all places I

can buy it consequently the characters

are all wearing green and that gives the

production team a chance to sneak in a

couple of great visual gags for one

behind Stanley we can see that the water

in the officers cooler has been dyed

green as it means of marking the

occasion showing just how all-out the

office has really gone even better

though are Michaels hilarious attempts

to get involved not only does he wear a

green tie but he also has an Irish flag

on his desk or at least what he thinks

is an Irish flag because in true Michael

Scott fashion it turns out to actually

be the Italian flag in fairness they are

kinda similar sort of number 11 the

plasma TV and the garage sale dinner

party is among the greatest offers

episodes ever made with Pam Jim Andy and

Angela all going to Michaels and James

for wealth for dinner while there they

given a tour of the condo including

the few personal touches Michael has

been able to apply his prized possession

is this tiny plasma TV which he bought

for a cheap -

dollars and which John later breaks in

the episode later in the series though

after John and Michael have broken oh

but shown that Michael kept the broken

TV on the wall and simply placed a

bigger working TV underneath it

eventually though he does come to get

rid of it in season sevens garage sale

not that he throws it out of course but

that he actually attempts to sell the

broken plasma TV at the same garage sale

we can also see the clown panting that

Jim and Pam couldn't get off the wall of

their house they clearly finally managed

to hear and put that up for sale to

number 10

Bob Vance's fridge cake Bob Vance Vance

refrigerators is one of the many great

recurring characters of the office the

partner of Phyllis he pops up every so

often always introducing himself with

the name of his company tacked on

afterwards the running gag pays off

massively in the episode where he and

Phyllis get married as they have not one

but two wedding cakes while one of them

is your regular wedding cake there's

also a groom's take which is typically

less traditional than you know the

regular wedding cake that's certainly

the case here as well because the

groom's cake for Bob is actually a

refrigerator it's a cute little sight

gag but it's even better is part of a

one-two punch because even easier to

spot is that the topper of the wedding

cake itself next to the bride and groom

is yet another fridge there's also the

long-running Phoebe that he introduces

himself with Vance refrigeration for one

very smart reason he knows they're being

filmed so he's using it as free

advertising should the documentary ever

be shown he did god damn genius never

dined trashed tiramisu in the surplus

episode Jim and Pam are having an

argument after he takes Oscars side in

an office to bet after going out to

lunch with Michael and Oscar Jim returns

with a piece of tiramisu as a peace

offering which Pam promptly rejects and

cooks in the bin later though we see

Michael in his office on the phone to

David Wallace eating and choking on his

own piece of tiramisu a piece that is

looking a little messy for sure but come

on it can be a messy dessert but he then

goes on to give a big speech about how

the office is wasteful referencing that

people throw out perfectly good tiramisu

just because it has a tiny little hair

on it it's only on a rewatch that you

put the dots together and realize that

Michael who wasn't holding any


when he came back to the office but Jim

took it out of the trash and ate it move


Jim gets reimbursed for dressing as

Dwight Jim playing pranks on Dwight is

one of the offices most reliable Wells

to return to gags for and one of the

many greats came in season 3 episode 20

product recall where Jim decides to

dress as his rival and spend the day

imitating him to camera Jim reveals how

much the prank cost to put together

$4 for the glasses and then $7 for the

rest of the ensemble later on in the

episode though Angela mocks Kevin for

not knowing that 7 plus 4 equals 11 when

he's working on a payroll form meaning

that Jim was reimbursed by Dunder

Mifflin for that prank which makes sense

because after all identity theft is not

a joke Jim number 7 grits got salad

dressing Michael Scott is a man of

particular tests so of course a sneaky

little prop on his desk when he's eating

a salad reveals that he has his own

salad dressing which he's named Brett

Scott and even given a label including

his face which is designed to mimic

Newman's own salad dressing ranch it's a

superb visual gag in its own right but

it's made even better by a deleted scene

in which Michael expands upon the

dressing by saying I make my own salad

dressing I mix Newman's ranch with

Newman's Italian sell it at flea markets

for a slight loss I could make I could

make a profit if I change one of the

ingredients to wishbone but I won't do

it number 6 so many creed details creed

bratton is one of the weirdest office

characters which is saying something and

there are a number of brilliant details

and jokes built around the character for

example in season 9 and one of the last

uses of the joke on the shore Clark says

there's no way you guys are making this

magic with just your mouths to which

Creed mouths the iconic that's what she


another great Creed is livers when the

office runs out of printer ink and

Dunder Mifflin infinity as it's the same

episode where Creed is attempting to

pass himself off as much younger with

dyed black hair the camera cuts to him

as Michael announces they're out of ink

suggesting that he dyed his hair using

said ink and finally there's the fact

that pinned to his cubicle is a mugshot

of himself and that's not the only great

use of Creed's photo in the show with a

different moment revealing that he's

banned from a Chinese restaurant for


a thief seriously I think Creed might be

my idol number five the aquarium

screensavers after Michael Falls in the

pond and the whiteboard messages koi

pond the sixth episode of season aired

is built around the fact that Michael

falls into the pond itself outside of

dunder-mifflin becoming the subject of a

number of jokes afterwards I mean can

you blame anyone look at this well a lot

of the gags at the point of the episode

the writers also insured to sneak in a

few that answer obvious on first watch

and the best of them is the screen

sailors as seen when they're in the

meeting room a number of computers have

changed their desktop screen savers to

aquariums or general underwater settings

to further mock their boss in that Sam

scene Michael is making a list on the

whiteboard of things people don't want

to be mocked for including the koi pond

number for Stan Lee's resolution in

season sevens the ultimatum pan puts up

a board for all the stuff to post their

New Year's resolutions on which as you'd

expect is absolutely ripe for

shenanigans some are genuine resolutions

such as Kevin vowing to eat more

vegetables Aaron wanting to learn a new

word every day and Oscar a me to finish

the living room

others go down a far more comedic route

as you'd expect such as Angela's make

time for romance with the senator

Creed's do a perfect cartwheel and

Dwight's meet a loose woman the best of

them though is the one that's the

hardest to spot since it's hidden away

at the bottom right and partially

must-buy pamper self on pausing or

rewashing though you can see that

Stanley's resolution is quite incredibly

be a better husband and boyfriend number

three the chair model is parks and recs

Miss Pawnee in chair model the 14th

episode of season 4 Michael becomes

obsessed with well you've guessed it a

chair model from a new office supplies

catalog daddy has the models name is

Deborah she's left ski and she's played

by April Eden but Eden would then go on

to play a Trish

Iannetta aka Miss Pawnee in Parks and

Recreation we don't get a long close

over the model and this was actually

well before Parks and Rec ed so it would

have been impossible to spot when it

first aired Parks and Rec was initially

conceived as a potential spin-off to the

office and while they don't quite share

the same universe it might actually be

plausible for miss Pawnee to have been a

chair model at one point under a

pseudonym of

either way with the benefit of hindsight

it becomes a great if unplanned Jacque

number two Jim Halpert assistant

regional manager the confusion over the

difference between assistant regional

manager and assistant to the regional

manager provides mileage for a great

number of gags over the course of the

shows nine seasons and one of the best

stands sneakiest comes at the very start

of season three at this point Jim is

transferred from Scranton to Stamford

and received a promotion in the process

we're not told exactly what this

promotion is but at the end of the Wally

all is revealed

Jim passes out at his desk and the

camera briefly pans down to show the

nameplate which reads Jim Halpert

assistant regional manager when he

eventually transfers back to Scranton he

keeps the position for a while as well

and the nameplate can still be seen on

his desk number one Dwight's

organization chart similar to the

resolutions broad but much sweeter and

much better in my opinion is Dwight's

organizational chart that he makes for

the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin

with various nuggets of information that

he's collected about all of the staff

there's a lot to unpack and the things

that all warrants a closer look but

let's just run through a few of the

highlights the court marks around creed

bratton the question of whether toby is

a jew the black power symbols next to

the black staff members the fact that he

tracks the women's menstruation cycles

and then crosses them out when they've

hit the menopause and the lines

connecting them all showing various

different power relationships the icing

on the cake of all of this though is

that at the bottom it reads do not

duplicate or transmit intellectual

property of Dwight K Schrute for 1000

years it's a work of art so that's

Nautilus I know you guys think down in

the comments below

did you notice these details in your

first time around or did it take about

five attempts like me to see any of them

either way while you Delia can you give

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though I've been Josh you've been

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