Mental illness: recognize the symptoms & seek help

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With the

presumed suicide

we have a lot of concern

about those issues and I think the public

has a lot of concern about those issues. Suicide is a major

health problem in Canada in the world

There's an overlap in terms of

suicide mental illness

and in particular bipolar disorder depression

and substance use and all those things confer

an increased risk actually for suicide

It's important for people to

recognize the symptoms of depression and to recognize that

these conditions can be treated and that it's important to seek mental health

help and to see professionals that have the expertise to provide that help

One can get treatment for substance abuse problems

and get good outcomes in the long-term

but it's very important to recognize what the symptoms are

and to seek help not not to kinda be alone

suffering in isolation

So it's very important

for youth that are

showing signs and symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder

to get the treatment that they need.