Women, Testosterone Levels and Sex Drive

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women frequently are looking for options

to help a low sex drive or trouble with

climax many women ask about testosterone

prescriptions since that's been dubbed

the hormone of desire and testosterone

is president both men and women with

women having about 1/10 the amount of

testosterone as males in women there's

not a direct relationship between

testosterone levels and sex drive most

women do not need prescription

testosterone however women who've had

their ovaries removed or have severe

hormonal deficiencies may benefit from a

testosterone prescription although in

the United States there's no

fda-approved prescriptions for just

plain testosterone so a woman really

needs to see an expert in hormones and

women in terms of climax

most women climax some of the time and

usually need direct stimulation some

women have never climaxed and a small

percent of women easily climax there are

some non hormonal treatments that help

women climax that are good for the

pelvic floor that stimulate the pelvic

muscles so there are over-the-counter

pelvic stimulating devices that can help

someone who has sexual dysfunction