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6 Signs of Love at First Sight

No.1, You get really nervous.

Nervousness usually comes from having a big event, presentation, or an announcement to


When you experience love at first sight, you will probably get really nervous for virtually

no reason.

When just setting eyes on a person makes you sweat bullets, and stutter your words in a

nervous wreck, it’s a huge sign of love at first sight.

No.2, The famous butterflies.

When you first see them, or meet them after that first time, you are often nervous and

can feel your stomach griping in anxiety.

The nervousness is a mix of a happiness, fear of being rejected, anxiety to make a good

first impression, and the pressure to gain their attention.

It’s a normal thing for you to feel butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love at first


The feeling is beyond description, and sometimes you yourself don’t understand what these

feelings mean.

It makes you happy, but you also feel a little bit anxious.

No.3, You want to draw their attention.

You would do anything to catch their attention, and preferably never lose it.

You want their eyes on you, and you wish you were already having a conversation.