How to Write a Notice Letter to the Landlord

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hello my name is Nick McGrew and I'm a

lawyer at polymath legal located in Los

Angeles California if you rent an

apartment or home there may come a time

when you need to provide your landlord

with notice for something in this video

I will show you how to write a notice

letter to your landlord now the reasons

why you may need to give notice your

landlord can vary a common one is notice

to vacate but some other reasons may

include simply notice of muted repairs

or notice of needed maintenance in your

letter be sure to include your name your

landlord's name and the address of the

rental unit you also want to make sure

you have the date in the heading as well

the contents of the letter to state that

you're writing this letter to serve as

official notice and it should then as

the name States give your landlord

notice let let your landlord know what

you are trying to alert them to

depending on what you are giving notice

for there may be advanced notice

requirements so make sure you check your

local laws and your lease to make sure

that you comply with the notice that you

must give once you have the letter

written and explains the notes that

you're giving be sure to sign it and

then deliver it to your landlord once

again my name is Mick McGrew and that's

how to write a notice letter to your