Kidney (Renal) Disease Signs & Symptoms (ex. Peripheral Edema, Fatigue, Itchiness)

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Hey everyone! This lesson is on the  signs and symptoms of kidney disease,  

also known as renal disease, so in this lesson  we're going to talk about a wide variety of signs  

and symptoms we can see with early disease  - so early kidney disease all the way up to  

renal or kidney failure. So the first one I  want to talk about here is urination changes,  

so this makes sense if there's an issue with  the kidneys we can have urination changes,  

sometimes we may see increased or decreased urine  volume. So in some kidney conditions we can see an  

increased urination or increased urine volume, so  patients may experience more frequent trips to the  

washroom, so they have to urinate more frequently  and then in some more advanced stages of kidney  

disease we often see decreasing urination or  decreased urine volume. Some other disease  

states of the kidney can lead to foamy urine, so  this means there may be protein in your urine,  

and in some cases there may also be  blood in the urine, called hematuria.  

The next sign that we're going to  talk about here is peripheral edema.  

So peripheral edema looks like this,  this is actually pitting edema, so if you  

were to actually see an individual's  legs here and you can see that there's  

a lot of interstitial fluid in the tissues where  it's not supposed to be, and if you actually push  

your finger on that area and release you can see  this pitting, this is what we call pitting edema.  

So this is caused by fluid or volume overload -  so this can ultimately be due to advanced kidney  

disease, so if an individual is not urinating  enough volume off or not losing enough volume  

through their renal system, they can have volume  overload, and this can lead to more volume or more  

fluid in their interstitial areas and a lot of  times we see this in the periphery so in their  

lower limbs oftentimes. We can also see this  with nephrotic syndrome - so nephrotic syndrome