Why Do Newborn Babies Get Jaundice? Cure Jaundice Fast

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many people often thinks why a newborn

baby suffer with jaundice and why is so

common in newborn babies it's also a

serious problem and question for many

women in this video I will answer those

question many newborn babies can have

yellowish skin and eyes when they're

only 2 to 4 days old

sometimes it's normal because it's a

medical condition and can have lots of

different causes usually babies will get

cure in just a week or two after their

organs are more developed jaundice

actually occurs when your blood contains

in excess of the molecule Bill Rubin

this is known as hyperbilirubinemia

bilirubin is a yellow substance produced

when red blood cells which carry oxygen

around the body are broken down normally

for adults bo Reuben is filtered from

our bloodstream by Oliver and then

excreted through your intestines but in

case of newborn babies their liver is

still developing and can't remove

bilirubin as quickly from the

bloodstream which turns their skin

yellowish this mild buildup is actually

pretty common in babies

babies can also develop breastfeeding

jaundice however there's no need to stop

breastfeeding your baby if they have

jaundice as the symptoms normally pass

in a few weeks the reason why breastfed

babies are more likely to develop

jaundice is unclear although a number of

theories have been suggested for example

it may be that breast milk contains

certain substances that reduce the

ability of the liver to process Bill

Rubin most of these forms of infant

jaundice typically disappear without any

extra treatment in a couple of weeks as

the newborns body matures but there's a

baby develops more severe jaundice or

has other sickly symptoms they should be

taken to a hospital where doctors can

lower the level of bilirubin in their

blood these treatments range from

something called photo therapy with

special blue spectrum light helps break

down bill Rubin in the baby's body to a

blood transfusion that gives them more

healthy red blood cells so carefully

monitor your baby the first five days of

life for the symptoms of jaundice such

as yellowing of the skin and eyes if you

notice that your baby has the symptoms

of jaundice call your doctor immediately