Hey Stupid... She's Cheating On You! 10 Signs She May Be Messing Around

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so a few months ago I did a video

entitled hey stupid she likes you if you

missed that video it is listed and

linked down in the description as a

result of identifying the signs that

she's giving you now have a girlfriend

that's the good news the bad news

however she might be cheating on you and

I can honestly say that when I found out

that my ex-girlfriend was messing around

with her ex-boyfriend it was one of the

most emotionally devastating times and

things that ever happened to me and when

it happened at the time I was like yo I

was blindsided but looking back I was

the one that was blind because she was

giving me definite signs that this was

actually going on I was just too dumb or

dense to actually read them and so in an

attempt to help open your eyes today I'm

gonna go over ten signs that your

senorita is cheating on your way assume

that these signs are asexual in nature

and so if you're into dudes cool we got

you covered one of the problems when

identifying whether or not your

significant other is cheating if you're

already a super paranoid insecure dude

every time she farts you get suspicious

that being said there are some common

cheating behaviors that are out there if

you see him oh I'm not saying it's at

the end but I'm saying sign number one

that she is about to cheat on you if she

starts talking about a male co-worker or

friend a lot right and she's like oh

he's talking about Oh Jim did this John

did this or there's this guy and she

keeps bringing him up now at that point

that she's telling you about him she's

not cheating yet she's thinking about it

then all of a sudden it stops she never

mentions him but she does number two

start working late all the time nights

weekends long hours and you're like what

she's never been this into work before

she's not in the work she's in the old

boy or I should say old boys into her

the third side she's cheating on you is

that she starts paying

attention to her phone than to you now

this is tough right because girls in

general painting with a broad brush are

super into their phone these days so are

guys for that matter but if she's all we

talking to no one the fourth sign that

your girl is getting freaky with

somebody else you get less freakiness

you're working it you're giving her your

best stuff all the attention infection

she's like not right now I don't feel I

ended what girl you used to be all nuts

crazy now you know what spit sign that

she may be indeed cheating on you is her

social calendar is packed

she's like the freakin Queen she's got

dinner engagements parties press engages

book signings there's always something

going on and you never invited the six

sign that she's up to no good she starts

questioning you every time you go out

every person you're with she stalks you

tracks you like a big-game hunter but

instead of hunting she's trying to make

sure that you're not figuring out her

dirty little secret but you know a

seventh sign that she may indeed be

cheating on you is that she tells you

she's not happy not happy I'm not happy

I'm not happy Brian and you're like what

are you talking about you're happy last

night the eighth sign that she may be

cheating on you she goes missing for

long periods of time it was like two

months ago you couldn't get rid of the

girl now all of a sudden you're like

where are you can't even get her on the

phone maybe your phone's off you're like

this is not normal you're right it's not

she's cheating on you the 9th sign that

she's cheating on you all of a sudden

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sign that she's cheating on you you

actually catch her doing something

saying something to somebody that she

shouldn't be I'm not saying to go

snooping because if you snoop hard

enough you'll find something that you'll

be able to twist and more fun this

doesn't mean to just be an idiot and if

you see something that doesn't smell

right it doesn't seem right or you just

get a weird vibe have a conversation ask

her hopefully she has the balls to be

honest but chances are she doesn't so

keep these eyes open let her know you'll

be watching without being too nuts and

crazy about a gentleman cheating it

hurts it sucks but you'll be all right

because your skin is looking fantastic