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seeing your dog act ill can be kind of

scary and on this episode of talking

dogs we're gonna tell you about a few of

those warning signs that you can look

out for number one pale gums an easy to

check sign of illnesses pale gums

normally a dog's gums will be a

bubblegum pink or close to it it's a

good idea to check your dog's gums when

they are healthy so you can have a

reference point pale gums can mean a

host of different things from

dehydration to bloating into cancer

paleness isn't the only thing you should

look out for gums any discoloration

should be a cause for concern whether

it's purple yellow blue or bright red

number two laboured breathing difficulty

breathing it's a bad sign in humans and

dogs alike a healthy dog will take about

20 to 24 breaths per minute and the

breathing should seem effortless some

signs of labored breathing are noisy

breathing nostrils flaring chest and

stomach moving more than normal in

breathing with an open mouth ball not

panting labored breathing can mean a few

things such as pneumonia or foreign

objects in the breathing pathways number

three lethargy this doesn't just mean

that your dog is tired lethargy would be

if your dog is less enthusiastic about

an activity that normally excites them

if your dog is lethargic for longer than

24 hours contact your vet lethargy can

be a symptom of numerous ailments and

can sometimes be caused by medications

it's important to keep an eye out and

make sure that your dog is actually

lethargic and not just tired from a long

day number four a temperature under

ninety nine degrees or over 104 degrees

this one might be a little more

difficult than the others because dogs

are naturally warmer than humans with an

average body temperature between 101 and

103 degrees just like in humans fevers

are caused by infections or

inflammations taking a dog's temperature

can be unpleasant for you and your dog

but it is sometimes necessary using a

rectal or ear thermometer is a great way

to tell if your dog is running fever and

you can even find thermometer

specifically for your dogs

number five poor appetite just like

lethargy a dog with low appetite should

be observed for 24 hours before

reporting it to your vet sometimes dogs

can just be picky and bratty the list of

things that cause a loss of appetite

it's too long to say here but your vet

will know how to help again this

behavior should be observed over a

period of time to ensure that your dog

isn't just trying to get you to feed him

a nice juicy steak number 6

excessive salivation some dogs drool

more than others so it's best to

recognize when your dog is drooling more

than usual excessive drooling or

salivation can be a sign of many dental

diseases or heatstroke if you believe

your dog is suffering from some type of

heat exhaustion the best course of

action is to get them in a cool place

immediately and give them some cool

water if he isn't the case a vet visit

would be the best thing to do number 7

urinating more than usual if your dog is

suddenly waking you up at night to go

out or consistently urinating in the

house something might be wrong if these

two behaviors happen over a 24 48 hour

time frame you should consult your vet

some other things you should keep an eye

out for our discolored urine discomfort

while peeing or an increased urgency

thanks for watching we hope you and your

pup have a long and healthy life

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