Pregnancy Tips : How to Tell You Are Pregnant

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my name is Josie minks and I'm a labor

and delivery nurse in Austin Texas and

I'm here to talk about ways to know that

you are pregnant well there's the test

you can go to your doctor and get a

blood test now where you can take a home

pregnancy test which is determined by

peeing on a stick that says positive yes

you're pregnant or negative you're not


and/or you can have there are symptoms

of pregnancy in your first trimester

such as nausea and vomiting or fatigue

or a backache or a headache due to the

hormonal changes or swollen or tender

breasts sometimes you can have spotting

it's difficult to tell if you're

pregnant by these symptoms because often

these symptoms are the same as having a

menstrual period and so more definitive

would be a blood test or a home

pregnancy test and home pregnancy tests

can can occasionally be inaccurate and

so it's recommended that you wait a week

after your first missed period because

that is when you have the most human

chorionic gonadotropin a hormone that is

present during pregnancy and so when you

the more days that you wait to take that

home pregnancy test the more of that

hormone there is present to determine if

it's accurate or not that home pregnancy

test so these are ways to determine if

you're pregnant or not